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:: 52 Hellos : Week 17

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Oh my goodness. Just a beautiful letter this week from the super clever Gert Geyer for 52Hellos…

This letter is super perfect, not just because it’s so lovely to read and look at, but because Gert is doing her own Year Of Letters – writing a letter each week day for a year. WOAH. That’s a lot of letters. I really admire Gert’s resolve. No wonder she wants to do this all the time. She is MADE FOR IT!

You can see Gert’s letter archive list over here. It’s totally interesting and fascinating. You must go see.

Thanks heaps for writing to me, Gert. And thanks for sharing your amazing project. I love it so much. You are the best!

(You can ask Gert to write YOU a letter too!)

x Pip


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    May 2, 2015 at 10:49 PM

    Such a great 52 Hellos letter from Gert. Gert, I love your letter to the insurance company (I haven’t seen that ad but your letter makes me want to, dirty bath water, ew!), and the one with the drawings of The Bachelor contestants. You are funny! My Nana’s name was Gertrude. She got called Gert or Gerty. It’s a very cool name…coming back into fashion I think. x

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