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:: 52 Hellos : Week 11

March 22, 2015

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Deanna wrote to us for #52hellos. I thought I’d not only share her letter, but also write back to her here. Here goes!


March 2015,


Dear Deanna,

Thank you so much for writing to me! I am so pleased you did. Every time I check the PO Box I give myself a little pep talk and assure myself that I will have enough letters to get me to the end of the year. Thanks for helping to make sure that I do!

Can you believe, I’ve never been to the Duke Of Wellington but I really do love a parma and I am going to take a leaf out of your book some day soon.

Thanks also for the cookie recipe. I love kids’ cookbooks.I remember valiantly trying to cook things from them when I was little, but my experience did not quite match my expectations and things usually turned out a bit crap. Luckily I have had heaps more practice in the cooking department since then and I no longer find the idea of making chocolate mousse or Bombe Alaska quite so confronting!

I love the idea of a bespoke cookbook as a wedding gift. What a clever cookie you are. I bet other people will love that idea too, so thanks for sharing it.

Re the cooler weather, I agree! I love this time of year in Melbourne. Sunny afternoons and crisp mornings are my favourite things, weather wise. When I was in Bali and it was so hot, my hair and my sanity suffered a little bit. I much prefer something milder, so we are twins in the weather stakes!

I am sorry we didn’t get to say hello at the Frankie garage sale. I must admit I always feel QUITE SHY at those kinds of things, so I am not surprised that you did too! Isn’t it cute to note that the shyness is often from both sides? And that it’s probably based on the same kinds of anxieties! At least we get to say hello now, so all is most definitely not lost!

You really SHOULD watch Gilmore Girls! I think you would love it’s awesome cheesiness! Go do it!

This weekend I’ve been enjoying our fave aforementioned weather, feeling a LOT of birthday love (gosh Facebook can make you feel SO POPULAR, can’t it?!), watching Antiques Roadshow and another show about a couple renovating a rectory, eating fish and chips (#faileo diet!!) and doing some reading too. I’ve hurt my blinking wrist, so I am finding typing quite tricky and I can’t do any craft, which is a total bore.

Still. I am glad I have some good books to read (The Spare Room by Helen Garner and Follow The Rabbit-Proof Fence by Doris Pilkington and Nugi Garimara) and some delicious things to snack on (Turkish bread and eggplant dip from the grocer on Smith Street).

Later, we’re going to make Spaghetti and Meatballs at Ari’s request because after years of turning his nose up, he’s ‘getting into pasta again!’ Phew.

Anyhoo, I must go and finish writing up a recipe… Thanks again for sharing your letter and life with us for #52hellos.

Love to you!

x pip

PS: Will check out Wonderfalls for sure! I have not seen it!

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