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:: 52 Hellos : Week 13

April 4, 2015

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A little bit of an Easter Saturday edition of #52hellos today. Nice!

Are you having a nice Easter break? Or maybe you are working? Whichever it is, I hope you are fortifying yourself with delicious things and good people. Yep.

This week’s hellos are from Sam and Emily. THANK YOU!

Emily’s is an unofficial hello, so you don’t get to read it all (because that’s the Em rules!) I got to read it and I can tell you that it was GOOD and just the kind of thing I was needing to read (esp because Emily and I shared a bit of a weird experience recently!)

Sam’s letter is an official hello. If you click on the image you can enlarge it and read it more easily. I am totally amazed that people have rabbits as house pets. It’s so cool. I’m not really that great with animals, to be honest. I am just learning about them, even at this late stage. The thought of working out how to keep a rabbit at its happiest is quite gob smacking to me! I admire people who know how to do that. (We used to have rabbits, but they were more the outside kind. Not the Baxter Fudge kind.)

You might have noticed that I am posting these letters a LITTLE BIT (read a lot) out of chronological order. This is because… I am like that. Sorry. That said, it is pretty nice to read some well wishes from the start of the year, when we are already one quarter in. Let’s look at that again.

One quarter. *gasp*

How can it be? Be it is. I am taking it as an official pull-up-your-socks and get on with it signal. It’s all gangbusters from here. All the good things are coming. It’s a quarter past. Time to get cracking!

x Pip

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  • Reply rose April 7, 2015 at 8:33 PM

    ahmagerd! week 13, where has 2015 gone so far…. Thank you Pip for “keeping count of the weeks”
    I’m doing my best to keep up and absolutely loving the letter writing, what a wonderful way to recapture a “rememberance of things past”
    I’m enjoying all of the letters and loved Sam’s story of baxter fudge. it reminded me of someone i knew many years ago in wellington, nz who had an indoors bunny who had a penchant for chewing electric flex…. all the computers went crash. Hope that doesn’t happen to you Sam,

    all the best, rose
    from Adelaide SA where it’s really cold all of a sudden….

  • Reply Isabel April 4, 2015 at 6:46 PM

    What a great letter from Samantha! If you’re reading Sam, let us know your blog address, I’d love to check it out.
    I’m having a great ‘Easter’ break thanks Pip…although Easter is not a big deal here in China. BUT luckily Monday is a public holiday (Tomb Sweeping Day where you visit the graves of loved ones and give them things to keep them happy in the afterlife – along the same theme of Easter I guess) so we do have a 3 day weekend. Thank goodness or I’d be too jealous of all my friends in the Easter-celebrating world! x

    • Reply Sam April 6, 2015 at 2:30 PM

      Haha how funny to see my letter on Meet Me At Mikes!
      Yep Baxter Fudge is one spoilt little ball of fluff! I had a backyard bunny when I was little and had know idea how incredible bunnies could be as inside pets! Baxter’s mannerisms and personality are a cross between a dog and a cat! He brings us so much happiness! xo
      Hi Isabel I’m over at http://www.therebelrabbit.com 🙂

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