We Moved House!

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Yes! We moved! Oh my gosh. How weird is moving? Everything that makes a home reduced to boxes. The place you once lived in reduced to walls and floors. It’s quite the revelation, evidence that we make the home, rather than the place or the things…

Our new house is so lovely and light. I am so happy. My heart is literally bursting, and when it’s not bursting it’s just swelling warmly. Funny how you can live somewhere less-than-ideal and endure the tricky bits about it for YEARS ON END, but as soon as you relocate it’s like you’ve made The Great Escape. Our move is like that.

Our old house was not really even a PROPER house – it was a 100+ year old back-of-a-shop and lacked every mod con (including a kitchen within the house!) We toughed it out because…. hello binding-expensive-commercial-lease! Phew. I am so glad to be at the end of that chapter and on to the new!

So many good things happened in our old place – as tricky as it was. I wrote a WHOLE LOT of books there. I met a WHOLE LOT of wonderful people there. Our boys spent SO MANY ACE DAYS there. I am happy to have those memories.

I’m also happy to be making new good times at our new place.

When I woke up today and wandered into the new backyard the birds cooed at me and the rain fell on me and the grass smelled super green and cool. Ah.

More adventures from The Garden House RIGHT HERE very soon! (I am off to unpack one million boxes!)

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  1. i am so jealous of all your gorgeous kitchen bits. That Lotte kettle looks too good to put flame under ! what brand are those 2 cups hanging with the little people on them?

  2. Is it weird that I have kitchen cupboard envy right now! Not only do I love your little egg cups, your spotty mugs and your little tea-pot – those cup hangers are the coolest thing ever! (and how practical!)
    Congrats on the move by the way! There’s sure to be many more wonderful memories made there!

  3. Your new place looks like a lovely spot for you to create your new home in! So much grooviness!I love it and can’t wait to hear more! Sue

  4. looks amazing! happy unpacking!

  5. Oh, congratulations and have fun furnishing and decorating the new house!!
    xox Kerstin

  6. So very happy for you Pip, you are so grown up now. x

  7. It sure is a wierd feeling isnt it? I moved from a 1 bedroom tiny apartment with a 10 month old, and am not in a 3 bedroom… dont know why we lived in a tiny cramped apartment for all the years we did. SOOO blissful to be able to look out the window and see trees instead of buildings and to have a little garden – even if it’s just on a balcony:) Have fun unpacking!

  8. Ooh it reminds me of my childhood home…If only that sliding door had Amber glass in it too! Enjoy the garden and filling your new rooms with your personalities!

  9. So happy for you Pip & Co!!! The Garden house sounds like the best place ever xxx

  10. Do I spy a lemon tree in your new backyard? Now THAT is lucky…besides the fruit, lemon trees smell amazing all the time

  11. Amber Palace! what a great phrase. That house looks so peaceful but I love your observation that we make the home not the place or the things. We’re looking for a new place right now and I can’t wait for new beginnings

  12. How exciting Pip! It is wonderful when you know you have arrived in the right place. Birds cooing a sure sign you are home. Your house looks beautiful! x

  13. Best ever!
    I woke up this morning thinking about how sweet it has been to see people so happy and excited for you Pip, as you have moved from ShopLife into The Garden House (which I like to call the Amber Palace because of your ace glass). And here’s the reason why I think people have been so thrilled for you – a little thing called reaping and sowing. You put so much good out into the world, so much yay and happy and notice this small detail where joy can be found, that you’ve unwittingly created this fab cheer squad for yourself. That’s so rad!
    So I, along with them, wish you nice times in your new abode, knowing that you’ll make it a cosy, welcoming home with ease and aplomb.

  14. Congratulations! Enjoy your new home. I really love the pressed glass in the wall around the door.

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