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Hooray! I’m An Etsy Creative Courage Challenge Mentor!

August 18, 2015


Etsy Creative Courage Challenge

Guess what? I’m working with Etsy Australia as a mentor on their launched-today Creative Courage Challenge!

Etsy’s featured consistently on Meet Me At Mike’s since I started blogging 9 years ago. It’s pretty ace to be partnering with them on this helpful project.

‘What even IS the Creative Courage Challenge?’ you might be wondering.  Well, it’s a free online program designed to support and nurture designers, makers and crafters who are setting up creative businesses on Etsy.

The program covers essential Etsy business/shop fundamentals, but also digs a bit deeper, fostering creative confidence and bright ideas as well as throwing in a supportive, like-minded network for good measure!

And let’s face it, support and mentorship are really important. It can be hard to get behind yourself sometimes. Imposter syndrome, introversion, fear of failure/criticism or just worry about taking the leap can all stop us in our tracks. Sometimes permanently.

Luckily I’ve dealt with all those things and I know how to push past the tricky bits. I’ll be talking about that and more to participants as the program rolls out (as well as other more positive and proactive stuff!)

One of the BEST things about this challenge – should you choose to accept it – is that it’s like having your own very awesome crafty-clever cheer squad. Not only do your classmates and mentors support you all the way through the (self-paced) program. You also come out the other side with a creative gang that you didn’t have before.

Friendships formed!
Ideas sparked!
Passion reignited!
Collaborations hatched!

Stores opened (or improved!)
Plans made!
Actual things made! (Phew!)

How completely irresistible does this sound?!  It’s not just me championing creative courage, though. My co-pilot on this creative trip is super-dooper successful Etsy seller Cath from My Bearded Pigeon. If you don’t know Cath you should because she knows her way around Etsy like no one else I know.

Suffice to say that we’re going to have a lot of fun, get real, talk about the nitty-gritty and make a whole heap of practical progress.

Head over to the Etsy Creative Courage Challenge micro-site to find out more or join us! (Or follow along via Twitter or Instagram #EtsyCreativeCourage )

Do you have an Etsy shop?

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  • Reply The Hipsterette August 18, 2015 at 8:58 PM

    Your stamp collection takes me back to my childhood – I used to love making albums from my collections. I used to send away for stamps and I think I had some of the ones you have featured. Also all of my family lived behind the “iron curtain” so I had plenty of stamps from USSR. I

  • Reply Jacquie August 18, 2015 at 5:09 PM

    I have an Etsy shop! But it is currently on hiatus while I get my creative mojo back. This challenge looks like it will help me get back into the swing of things. Excited! Love both you and Cath!

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