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You know in the Breakfast Club where everyone arrived quirky strangers and left (mostly) friends? That’s what my eCourse classes are like! Granted no one is putting on lipstick with their boobs (THAT I KNOW OF!), but it’s a tiny bit similar in that bond are formed and things are learned. Granted my students are usually happier to show up to class and are a LOT more motivated, but the whole working stuff out and moving on is true for both, for real.

A whole bunch of eCourse intakes are up in my eCourse shop now! And a discount code is ready and waiting for you (but just for a very short while!) Perhaps you’d like to learn something with me?

Here’s some things I want to teach you…

Blog With Pip
Launch a brand new blog or freshen up the one you have. This is my most popular course and has helped hundreds of people create their own little patch on the internet. The course covers how to set up a blog and make it look cute. It also teaches you LOTS about how to be a great writer, how to best use social media, creating great images, staying inspired and on track… and more!
More info here.

Inspiration Information
This is my super special course about getting in touch with the creative bits of you – and incorporating everyday creativity. It’s kind of like getting a month of creative life coaching (with a small group of other nice types learning more about themselves and being creative alongside you.) People who do this course say it has changed the way they think about the world. That is amazing. I love teaching this. Learn more about how to make time for creativity with me?! Go on. (If you have read my book you will love this course!)
More info here.

Storytelling For Bloggers
There’s a lot of talk about blogging at the moment, but very little of it is centred around learning to tell stories in authentic and interesting ways. This is a one day course where we all set aside the day and work on our writing together. By the end of the day you will have 200 ideas for stories or blog posts AND at least two good, chunky pieces of writing to go on with or publish. The last time I ran this course it was SUPER helpful to those that took part. Maybe you want to join us for a day of cups of tea and writing (at your place and online!)
More info here.

Shake It Up! Social
This ace course is all about honing your social media presence and making it MUCH less hard work/MUCH more consistent and interesting. It’s jam packed with information about polishing things up and creating MUCH better content for your social media followers (without taking up all your time!) There’s heaps of ace practical tips and instruction. It’s an ace course.
More info here.

Blog With Pip 2.0
For Blog With Pip graduates! This course drills down further to the nuts and bolts of blogging – things like Google Analytics, blog strategy, social strategy, tweaking your writing further, working with brands, content planning and more. It’s super informative and great value. Many of my Blog With Pip students have gone on to do this course and LOVED it.
More info here.

Every course has a Facebook group to support it PLUS I am on email to answer questions and talk you through anything you are having trouble with.
The Breakfast Club

For the next 48 hours only – until Friday 28th – I’m offering a discount on these courses.

You can get a whopping, once only 30% off the course price – on any of these courses – if you use the code ‘lamington’ 

Here are some testimonials from students – and I am going to ask my students to leave some in the comments here too – so pop over if you are reading on email or RSS.

I’d love to hang out with you and teach you a thing (and help you find a nice online gang to buddy up with too!)

Won’t you join us?

(I’ll be back later with a book giveaway too! Stay tuned!)

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  1. I loved the Blog with Pip course I did last year. It gave me a boost to be myself in the blogging world. Going to sign up for the storytelling one. xx

  2. Hello! I have completed the Inspiration Info course and storytelling course and am currently doing Blog with Pip. They have all been great! There is such a lovely warm community that springs from all of the courses. The thing that has really impressed me is the long lasting effects these courses have had on me. I haven’t just completed them and then packed them away in a box never to be touched again – they have motivated me to continually be creative in my life everyday. Highly recommended!

  3. Hello,
    I participated in Blog with Pip earlier this year to start my blog Just Eleni and it was so helpful thanks Pip I wouldn’t of been able to confidently do it without the course.
    I also L.O.V.E the movie The Breakfast club, it’s one of my all-time favourites.

  4. Pip runs the best courses! She is incredibly generous with sharing her knowledge. Her courses are great value for money. You WILL NOT regret signing up. Pip will inject you with knowledge, enthusiasm and the confidence to get out there and blog with a content heart… (just like those hipster donuts that come with syringes of salted caramel nowadays – you’ll come alway feeling full of good stuff).

  5. Please run a November Saturday Sessions Pip! I really wanted to do this class but I can’t do October 3 🙁

  6. I’m a perpetual blog reader, but have never really transitioned to blog writing which I would love to do… I’ve done step one of creating a blog but never put the time into getting it off the ground, even though sometimes I write parts of posts in my head! I’ve just finished some further study and have free time! So the timing is perfect for me, and I have used the discount to sign up to Blog with Pip, I’m so excited! I want to get my hands on some course materials now! Is there any chance of signing up to the Facebook group prior to 24 Sept?

    1. Hi Susie!
      No one will be in the group until the 24th, so you would be shuffling about on your own! But I love your excitement! Thanks for signing up!!!

      1. Lol, I could just stand around awkwardly waiting for someone to like a comment! Thanks, after reading all the other comments on this post I’m even more excited about getting started!

        1. Hi Susie, I’m signed up for the 24th too so will meet you on the FB group. Whoohooo!

  7. My first Pip course was Inspiration Information and it will always be my favourite. If the course description speaks to you, if you want to explore your creative side or live a more creative life then this course is for you! This course is really just overflowing with information and tools to help you lead a more creative life and yes the amazing bonus is that you meet other people who value creativity too! Inspiration Information was a game changer for me and I am so so glad I took the plunge and listened to the part of me that said … Do It .

  8. These courses are fabulous.
    Great value, sensational content and uplifting community forms in each one.
    I’ve done Blog With Pip, Inspiration Information and just did the Storytelling workshop.
    And I am about to do BWP 2.0.
    Hand on heart, all these courses are top notch, and they have redirected my creative life and brought me so much joy, knowledge and new pals.
    Pip is a gifted, generous teacher, you couldn’t be in better hands.

  9. Oh Yay! Thanks for the discount! I have wanted to do one of your courses for ages, but the timing has never been right! I was literally about to sign up last night – until I realised I had no money in the bank! Thank goodness for that! Now I get a bargain!

  10. Blog with Pip is a great course. It made starting a blog less scary & really gave me confidence to do things I never would have tried. One year on & I still think its the best ting I’ve done for myself in ages.

  11. Blog With Pip 1 was awesome. I am a total luddite technophobe and thought a self hosted WordPress blog was completely beyond me …. not so thanks to Pip! Her informal style and brilliant prompts also loosened up my writing style. At the end of the course there is ongoing support through the alumni group. Five stars from me!!

  12. I did the original BWP course and have also done Inspo Info and Shake it Social. I have found all Pip’s courses to be both approachable and achievable but by far and away the best part is the community that you have access to during and after the course. For both BWP and Inspiration, they’re not only a places of deep knowledge but great connection, and you’ll frequently see the connections made here spilling over into real life. There are so many online courses out there it’s sometimes a bit bamboozle-y to know if they’re worth doing or not. Take the advice of all those that are commenting here. Do Pip’s courses. Do one, or do them all. Her commitment to her students and to the amazing learning community that she has created is legendary and worth every single penny.

  13. I signed up for Blog with Pip earlier this year on the recommendation of a friend who had completed the course previously, as I was starting up a new blog and wanted to learn how to do that properly.
    It was wonderful to have all that help when starting out brand new with a blog, wading through all the hard stuff like hosting and platforms – I had no idea what all that was, and then went on to create my own site from scratch, something I never thought I would be able to do! Since then my brain has been like a sponge, wanting to learn all I can about the world of blogging and creativity and I’ve gone on to do Blog with Pip 2.0, Shake it up Social and am in the current Inspiration Information course – so yeah I guess you could say I’m really enjoying all the resources, support and knowledge Pip provides!!

  14. My blog and creativity would not be where it is without Blog with Pip and the subsequent alumni Facebook group. So many ideas and recommendations and things to find and learn which only a year ago I wouldn’t have known about or participated in. One thing I really like is the international aspect, we are from all over the world and it seems like we are all together over the seas and time zones.
    I am planning to take the Storytelling course in October despite the crazy time differences between the US and Australia, because I know it will work out and I won’t miss anything.

  15. Sometimes the blogging world can seem a bit same-y – I love that your courses are the kind where you learn how to be true to yourself and create things you truly love. No formulas just genuine and generous advice. It’s also comes with the added bonus of the loveliest online community you will ever find. I am looking forward to learning more with you Pip – that story telling course looks so great.

  16. I completed Blog with Pip in February and started my blog. Pip was extremely helpful with all the technical stuff -I am a bit challenged that way. There is so much to absorb in the course and it is jam packed with interesting and helpful info. I am also currently doing the Inspiration Course and finding it AMAZING! Connecting with my creative self- seeing the blocks-this is truly a wonderful process to be involved with. I feel so lucky to have found Pip. She offers so much in her courses and added to that is the FaceBook groups where we can interact and support one another. Pip’s course have a lot of heart in them. I am a total convert-what more can I say! Her book is great too as something to refer back to when you need a bit of encouragement. The creative process is ongoing and I like having Pip inspiration in my every day 🙂

  17. I’ve been eyeing off the Blog With Pip course for AGES and the discount code plus post PBEvent inspiration has tipped me over the edge! Signed up! 🙂 Cannot wait to dig in.

    1. Woo hoo! I will send you out some info super soon, Sarah! Thanks for signing up! xxx

    2. Sarah – you will love it.

  18. I completed the Blog with Pip e course earlier this year and found it so helpful to give me loads of fresh ideas, information and hugely generous resources/links that were really valuable to me in giving my existing blog a tweak AND it was super inspiring, creatively speaking. I’m off to investigate the storytelling for bloggers course xx

    1. I think you will like storytelling! It was REALLY interesting to see what everyone came up with! x

  19. i recently completed the Blog with Pip course and seriously cannot recommend it enough! I learnt sooo much and met some really awesome people along the way. The support and advice you get from Pip is second to none! Best money I’ve ever spent on my blog. Now I’m off to sign up for Blog with Pip 2.0

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