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Blog With Pip is for beginning and bloggers, as well as bloggers who would like to refresh their blogs, learn more or gather inspiration.

You’ll learn technical and blog related skills and come out of the course with a bunch of practical ways to improve (or create) your blog.

Here’s what the course will cover:

  1. Setting up your blog: platforms, templates, hosts, themes, templates, blog basics
  2. Your niche : diagnose your bloggy motivation, blog to book insights
  3. Blog good looks: what looks skanky and what looks rad, blog photography and cute-ifying your images, basic Photoshop, creating blog buttons
  4. How to write great blog posts (the kind people will love reading!)
  5. Blog inspiration: staying excited and keeping it fresh
  6. Social media smarts, basic SEO, HTML basics, strategy and success
  7. Growing your readership and media mentions: how to attract readers and media interest
  8. Building community and using your blog for good 

Also: How-to screencasts, podcasts to listen to on the go, worksheets, optional assignments and a private (permanent) Facebook group to chat in.

Also: access to the course material for 6 weeks. And inspiration. There will be heaps of inspiration!

Also: Facebook chats with Pip so you can ask questions (and she’s on email too!)

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Here are some testimonials from my  students (just in case you are thinking of doing an eCourse with me! Go on!)

Also: lifelong membership to the Blog With Pip Alumni group with HEAPS of other friendly, non-snarky bloggers!

I could not recommend the Blog with Pip course more highly. I had a blog before it but it was barely used and I really knew hardly anything about blogging, especially the more technical side of things. The Blog with Pip course revolutionised my thinking and gave me the ‘oomph’ to really give my blog a go….the tlc it needed. As has been said before, this course gives you even more than it says on the tin, it is the community you become part of through the course and all the support and inspiration that gives. Although I’ve never met Pip, I reckon she is a pretty lovely lady and doing one of her courses leaves you feeling bright and lovely yourself. I reckon a course with Pip would be the perfect start to the new year : Naomi

I was lucky enough to be taught by the wonderful Pip last year, and I just wanted to add my voice to those above and encourage people out there who are thinking of doing one of the ace courses, to go ahead and do it! Sign up now! Pip is the real deal.. a genuine, super clever, generous teacher who you will learn so very much from, and the unreal online community you will then have access to is worth its weight in gold. Sign up! You’ll never regret it : Trish

I was fortunate enough to do 3 of Pip’s courses last year. I started Blog with Pip without a blog and absolutely no idea about wordpress and Pip guided me every step along the way. Later in the year I did Inspiration Information which was just a fantastic course for creative minded (or wanna be creative) people. There was so much wonderful content and plenty of practical exercises too. And of course I couldn’t help myself so I HAD to do the Inspiration Information for Bloggers which was the icing on the cake! Pip is so generous in her teaching and goes way beyond what would be expected of an online course. She also brings together people to create a wonderful community. If you want to start a blog, revamp your old blog or just want to work some creativity into your day, you will find one of Pip’s courses to suit you : Karen

Blog with Pip showed me the way and literally changed my life by showing me what is possible with a blog. Now I have two! I’ve signed up to Inspiration Information that starts later this month, and I CANNOT wait. And what a fabulous online community Pip has created with all her courses. Thanks Pip!  : Rebecca

I was a little in two minds about doing Blog with Pip as I’ve been a bit of an online-course-a-holic over the past year and was trying to break the habit. I’m so glad that I didn’t! Blog with Pip was such a huge breath of fresh air. Pip is an incredibly generous and clear communicator about all things blog, which can be such an overwhelming world. There were so many useful and really easy to follow lessons. But what has really taken my breath away is the Alumni community which are such an incredibly ace group of people all helping each other a long. It’s been such a treat, thanks Pip! : Susan

I started my first Blog With Pip course with only the idea that I wanted to start a blog. I hadn’t written anything, I didn’t really have many ideas about what I wanted to write and where I wanted it to go – all I knew was that I was interested in starting a small blog and writing it on the side to my everyday job. Pip’s e-courses gave me an insight into exactly why I was wanting to write, what kind of blog I wanted to set up, and gave me everything I needed to know in order to actually set it up and make it happen. On top of being so wise and helpful, Pip is super lovely, positive, and encouraging – I honestly don’t think you could get a better person to help you along your little blogging journey.

I loved the first e-course but was studying full-time at the same time and I often lost track of things so I signed up for the course again! It didn’t feel repetitive or boring – going over the same material actually helped consolidate things for me.

I have also done Pip’s Inspiration Information For Bloggers e-course and LOVED that as well! For someone who was consciously trying to make an effort to be more creative, not only in a blogging respect, but just in every day life, this course was perfect.

I’ve signed up for BWP 2.0 and can’t wait to see what that has in store! I never thought I would have a blog (for a whole bunch of different reasons, mostly relating to lack of confidence) but Pip made me stop and think I actually could do it. I now run a little blog called birdandfox – just part time as I’m still a full-time student – and I really love the creative outlet! Thanks Pip! : Jacquie

Pip’s Inspiration Information ecourse is one of the best things I did last year. I’m so glad I took a chance and joined the course. I was getting a bit lost creatively and inspiration was lacking. I was comparing myself to everyone else on all the sites and blogs I visited, and I was a bit lost with how to be creative when you are meant to be a grown up. Pip’s course was fun, freeing, welcoming and gave you the chance to interact with classmates in a non-scary online totally supportive world. You could set your pace and participate and a level that felt comfortable for you. I still use Pip’s notes and activities when I need a bit of a courage or confidence boost, and the Facebook group gives me somewhere to pop into to see what my classmates are up to or if they have any recommendations. I can’t recommend this course enough! : Deanna

I had a blog and online shop but it was going nowhere and I was flailing. I’ve been a fan/ follower of Pip’s for years so when I saw that she was offering a blogging course i knew it would be worthwhile. I looked around at many other courses but nothing else offered the value for money, content and follow up service that Pip offered. My blog has gone from strength to strength during the time I’ve done Pip’s courses and I’m now in the throes of moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. The best and most unexpected thing that has come from doing Pip’s courses however has been Pip’s support long after you’ve finished your course. I had no idea she would make herself so available to us. What a fab gal she is! And the added bonus has been the community. You’ll meet a beautiful, like-minded, supportive group of people – cheering you on, offering advice, being there for you – people I now call friends. Doing Pip’s courses was the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my business. Do it! : Deb

I participated in 3 of Pip’s courses last year and absolutely loved them. They’re fun and informative and Pip is super nice and answers all the questions – even after the courses are finished which I think is great. She has created a lovely community over on FB through her Blog with Pip courses, it’s so nice to be able to chat with like minded blogging peeps! : Bee

I’m so glad I signed up for BWP – it was on a whim, as I often find my best decisions are :-) Lovely practical advice, and a super supportive Facebook group – what more could a newbie blogger ask for! : Clare

I did two of the Blog with Pip course and one Inspiration information for bloggers. Both courses were fantastic. I would highly recommend them. You learn so much and get to join a fantastic online community. Everyone is supportive of each other and you can ask heaps of questions if you are unsure of anything. These courses have made my blog grow, given me the push to create new ideas and the confidence to know that you can make a great blog if you want to take that step further. Thanks Pip!  : Simone

Pip’s courses are WOW, soooo good! I started with Inspiration Information last year ( and I nearly didn’t because I was quite nervous) and it was jam packed with inspiration, learning and fun. I got to ‘meet’ so many lovely people and we still ‘hang out’ online. Pip is so supportive and encouraging and fun as a teacher, I’ve never been so keen to do my homework! Blog with pip gave me the confidence (and skills) to start a blog, which by the way if you don’t have one but are thinking of it, go for it… It’s very rewarding. So yep in a nutshell, Pip’s courses are totally great and if there is one that is appealing to you I’d say Just do it, I’m sure you’ll be so glad you did. : Emily

I adore Pip & everything she does. The week after I started my blog I signed up for Blog with Pip because I knew she was the person to show me all I needed to know, which she did! Now I am confident doing things I never thought I’d be able to, I have an awesome, supportive, clever, loving online community to help me whenever I need it & Pip is still there helping, encouraging & teaching. You can’t ask for more than that!

If you’re a blogger or wanna be blogger do one, or all, of Pips courses, then join Blog Yay! It’ll be the best money you spend in yourself this year. Promise. : Reannon


Even more testimonials from my students in the comments of this post.

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  • Reply Zoe | A Quirky Bird August 20, 2015 at 10:10 PM

    Pip blogs with heart. Her courses have heart (I’ve done a couple since hers and they have lacked the heart). Pip is passionate about creating and this shines through her courses. Last year I was lucky enough to do two Blog With Pip courses. I heard from the gals that did Inspiration Information that it was wonderful and exciting.

    When you email Pip about something you know that she will get back to you as quickly as she can. A few of my fellow pipsters where amazed at how much time she spent with them nurturing their budding blog.

    She is a big tease if you don’t live in Melbourne. The Melbourne pipsters get to catch up for Art Gallery outings every now and then. I know if I click my heels three times she just may come to our wonderful Art Gallery in Adelaide.

    If you want to do a blog course, go with Pip.

    Zoe | A Quirky Bird (the woman that stalked Pip to Kidspot because I knew she wasn’t going to Problogger, she does that to you though).

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