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:: Crochet School : Lesson 4 : Magically Turn 8 Chain Stitches Into a Crocheted Ring

January 16, 2010


OK. I know I said that treble stitch was next.. but let’s just launch into making a granny square on the hop, shall we?! The centre of the granny square is formed by :

1. Making a slip knot
2. (Using your best yarn holding technique) Chain eight stitches (to make a nice big ring!)
This is called your ‘foundation chain’.
3. Continue by wriggling your hook (which has one loop on it) into the furthest chain stitch from the hook. You will then have two loops on the hook. See Video 1 (below)
4. Follow this by hooking your yarn over and slip stitching into the first and last stitch to leave only one (new!) loop on the hook- our Video 2 (below) shows you how.
4. Then you need to chain stitch another 3 stitches to get ready for your first round and your first cluster of stitches (which will be treble stitches). Video 3 (below) shows you how!
It’s much easier then it sounds. Just follow the videos!

So here we go ::

Make your slip knot and then chain 8 stitches, please. Then follow our videos (below) …


Now do this….


And then begin your first round by doing this….


Hope this is all making sense so far! Coming up next ::

How To Treble Stitch and
A Simple Guide to The Stitch Pattern of A Granny Square!


If you are a smarty pants and want to skip ahead : Do this after you’ve done the above to make your first round:

Treble* Stitch 2 into the ring you just formed (you’ve made your first cluster)
Chain Stitch 3 (this makes a gap)
Treble Stitch 3 into the ring again (makes your second cluster)
Chain Stitch 3 (another gap)
Treble Stitch 3 into the ring again (makes a third cluster)
Chain Stitch 3 (makes another gap)
Treble Stitch 3 into the ring once more (makes your fourth and final cluster)
Chain Stitch 2 and then slip stitch into the 3rd chain up of the original chain 3.

More helpful instruction here.

*We’re talking AUSTRALIAN/UK Treble Stitch. See how here. In the US this is called DC. All our instructions here will always be in AU/UK terminology. NOT in US terminology. Just so you know!

If that’s all gobbledy gook to you, then hang in there. I’ll show you how with videos over the coming days.