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:: Crochet School : Lesson Two : How To Hold Your Yarn

January 15, 2010


Thanks for visiting our blog! We’re talking about how to hold the yarn this time, because you’ll be feeling all fingers and thumbs to start off with. And that’s okay. I felt like a bull in a china shop when I started. A sort of weepy and frustrated bull, but let’s not go into that….!It’s really important to hold your yarn in a controlled manner when you crochet, unless you are some sort of a free-styling, free-wheeling super-crocheter… and even then… I think you need to get a handle on things! I’ve seen people hold their yarn in many different ways – but with the same resulting lovely tension. You can do it my way if you like! Or you can check out the ‘handles’ below too. See what feels right and controlled (without being toooo tight and hard to hold!) for you.

If you hold your yarn consistently and quite firmly (but not too firmly), it’ll help you to feed the yarn fluidly to your hook at the right tension. This means that your stitches will be nice and even and easy to crochet in and out of. A good ‘hold’ also stops your hands wiggling all over the place and wondering what to do! Practice your yarn hold a few times to get it right. You might adjust the way you hold your yarn once you start to chain stitch and treble stitch later on, but it’s good to be mindful of it now.

There is a good diagram here to show you how to hold your yarn.
There are some photos here of a nice simple way to hold the yarn, if that works better for you.
Or you can watch this alternative video – or this one

You’ll see how the hook fits in to all this in the next lesson. For now get cosy and familiar with your yarn holding!

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    I can’t see any of the videos on these tutorials. Once I allow Flash the videos disappear! Any ideas? Do you post them anywhere else I might be able to watch them? 🙁

    • Reply Pip February 27, 2020 at 10:17 AM

      I have just updated all the videos, in the hope that you can see them now! Thanks for telling me this was happening! x

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