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:: Crochet School : Lesson 6 :: Make The Second Round of Your Granny Square

January 19, 2010

Above lovely Grannys by Sophie Isobel

Hi! Welcome back!

How is it going in your crochet world? Are you struggling? If you are just take your time and keep trying. I know you can get this! You can!!! If you are not struggling, you’re a better gal than I am! I CRIED when I was learning. I am such a twit. I was determined to get this right – and the frustration really got to me! But I kept at it and now look at me! I’m trying to teach YOU!!!

These videos show you how to make your second round. If you look at Sophie Isobel’s granny squares (above) you can see that the second round has 8 little clusters of stitches in it. Between those clusters are hidden groups of chain stitches too (sometimes only 1 chain and sometimes 3 chain, you’ll see what I mean in our videos)

The videos below also show you how to crochet around the corner of your granny square. Corners are very important. Without corners it will turn into something free-form and NOT square! So do learn to make a corner, dear hooker!

With this kind of granny square the following rules apply :

  • The gaps at each corner always form the corner for the next round.
  • To form the corner you need to : treble 3, chain 3, treble 3 again.
  • The side gaps are always crocheted into, in the next round with 3 treble stitches.
  • Side clusters are joined with only 1 chain stitch.
  • When you crochet up 3 to start a new round, the first cluster is always a wonky one made up of those 3 chain and 2 treble stitches. BUT all the other clusters are always made up of 3 treble stitches. It’s just the first one that’s wonky (3ch and 2tr makes it different!)

Next round we’ll change colour – if you like! So you can see how to do that! That can be our final round and then we’ll move on to joining the squares, so you can know how to do that too!

CLICK the Youtube logo at the bottom right screen on each video below to watch these on Youtube. That’s better because there are detailed instructions for each individual video there. Just click the (more info) tab above the video description (on the Youtube site.)


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