I really don’t like those earbud head phone things. See. I don’t even know what they are called. That’s how much I don’t like them.

YES, they keep out the chill, but they make my ears feel like they have noisy pebbles in them. I reckon they are torturing my ear holes into ginormity, too. I fear they’re destined to become so big, they’ll probably use one as the next spooky portal in season two of Stranger Things. Ugh. I really don’t know what to do about it.

LUCKILY, the following podcasts are so interesting and varied, they make me forget about the ear pebble problem, for a little while at least.  If you have better ear listening things than me, and are in need of interesting and varied things to listen to, here is a sprinkling of those things.


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Get It On with Dawn O Porter – Fashion and Style

I love Dawn O’Porter. Perhaps you love her too? She’s a clever and funny author, TV presenter, shop keeper, vintage lover and fashion label owner. She also married someone else I really love – Chris O’Dowd. That’s when she changed her name from Dawn Porter to Dawn O’Porter. They have a baby together too. Naw. Dawn’s just launched her first podcast – it’s style and fashion focused and while she’s just finding her flamingo feet I think it’s ace and I’m going to listen every single time.

Here’s the link


Outer Sanctum – AFL Football

Okay. Look. Me and footy are not a thing, but my Nan would probably push me over if she heard me not-liking HER favourite thing. This podcast is the ball-riddled brainchild of six smart women and provides a BRILLIANT fresh perspective on our local game. If you are the footy kind of person you should listen to this footy kind of broadcast. Even if you are not the footy kind, you will probably like it. For realz.

Here’s the link


Ctrl, Alt, Delete – Life and Culture

Writer Emma Gannon chats to a whole bunch of interesting types about life, friendship, feminism, work, creativity, blogging, writing, books and more. This podcast is based on her book of the same name and there are a tonne of eps up. It’s only a few months old, but you better get cracking because this one’s rolling out at a rollicking pace!

Here’s the link


Fully Sick – Illness and Disability

Genius-lady and seasoned broadcaster Jenny O’Keefe holds the reins here “sharing the individual experiences of creative people living with chronic illness or disability”. (Her reins are probably pompom festooned, let’s be frank!) There are several eps ready for your listening pleasure, covering a range of health issues and creative people.

Here’s the link


Sweet Teen Club – Nostalgic Pop Culture

Melbourne bloggers Carly and Stacey are ladies after my own pop-culture-smattered heart. Their podcast, obviously named in honour of Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High series, covers (mostly) iconic 80s and 90s classics of the screen and page in irreverent style. If Winona Ryder was your homegirl WAY before Stranger Things, then this is the podcast for you!

Here’s the link

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Hope you are having a peachy day! Hope your ears aren’t becoming ginormous!

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  1. Cannot believe I’m about to start listening to a footy podcast! Only you could get me to do that, haha xo

  2. I am a podcast fanatic! Love them. I can never get enough and yet, with there were more, all at the same time, ha! But I’m really commenting because I can maybe help you with your ear bud hatred! I have small ears, all ear buds were super uncomfortable for a really long time. But now I use the LG Bluetooth ones, where the headband looking part sits around my neck. And the buds come with super small fittings that I can wear for hours without hurting my ears! Hope that helps 🙂

    • Jenny B

    • 4 years ago

    Hey Pip! i wanted to send a podcast your way you might like! Still Buffering features a teenage sister and and a not a teenage anymore sister. They talk about what kids do now verses then and it’s really hilarious and happy:)

  3. I LOVE Ctrl Alt Delete and need to get in contact with Emma. She’s so cool.

    Also Dawn OP has a podcast! Cannot wait.

    Thanks Pip!

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