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Listen: That Time I Met Sookie St James

March 24, 2016

Okay. That’s not quite true. I did not really meet Sookie St James of Gilmore Girls fame. But I did meet… Melissa McCarthy aka the actor who played Sookie for seven years. And I met her husband Ben Falcone too.

How is this possible? Well, if you follow me on social media, you already know that my friend Clare Bowditch not only is an award-winning musician and an actor herself, she also has a program on ABC radio.

Clare was invited to interview Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone and she, in turn, invited me to go along with her for the ride. Clare knows how much I adore Gilmore Girls and bestowed this amazing opportunity accordingly/super nicely.

Friends are nice, right? This was a nice thing to do, Clare!

We headed along to a fancy hotel, where we encountered a bunch of professional media types who were milling about for the very same reason as us (including my favourites Virginia Trioli and Chrissie Swan!) We snaffled a speedy lesson in ‘how to press junket’ and before you know it, we were ushered into the interview room.

Behold! Ben and Melissa! I may/may not have swooned. I think may.

We were given eight minutes to chat/record our interview and let me tell you it was a freaking delight! They were so fabulously adorable and friendly and really just the best.

I had prepared myself for the prospect of them being exhausted and spotting our tiresome, wet-behind-the-ears routine in 2 seconds. Instead they were welcoming and kind and forgiving of our dorky approach. Aw man.

They talked to us about their movie, The Boss, as well as about other important things like – being yourself, doing the good stuff that makes sense to you and not letting anyone divert you from your dreams.  They obviously adore each other, even though they’ve been together for eleventy billion years. It’s still fresh!!

You can listen below : or here and hear for yourself.


Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Clare Bowditch, Pip Lincolne


When the interview was over, we presented them with pompoms and MMc said she LOVED THEM, had been wanting to make some herself and had been YouTubing pompom video tutorials very recently! Snap! Ben loved his pompom too. He said ‘that’s so nice of you!!!’ Naw.

After some pompom tips, we were ushered out of the room swiftly, because our eight minutes were up. I had managed to tell them I’d made up a couple of little craft kits for their two little girls (which they were keen to give them!), so the publicist (apparently!) passed those on after we’d left. Melissa told me her girls had just started learning to sew.

I made some coconut ice too, but as you will find out, if you listen, the Melissa and Ben minders were NOT so keen on us gifting them sweet treats. After much (super-kind) back and forth we opted to leave said treats outside the interview room and they later headed off to the ABC.

That was okay. I get it. Nobody can think straight when they are having a sugar rush. PLUS who wants to be filmed with coconut in their teeth? Nobody, that’s who. How naive of me. *face palm*

All is not lost coconut-ice-wise, though.  YOU can make the very same Coconut Ice to fuel your very own sugar rush, and eat it in the privacy of your own home via this recipe.

It was good enough for Chris Isaak, but he ate it on the radio, so that’s different. No visible coconut teeth.

I hope you have fun listening to our interview… it’s a funny story with a rad cast! BEST DAY.

Thanks to Clare and team 774ABC Radio! And Melissa and Ben who are now my (imagined) best friends.

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Below : homemade presents for Ben and Melissa (and their daughters!) – including the controversial coconut ice




  • Reply Nicole March 24, 2016 at 9:48 PM

    Oh my Ghandi!!!
    Sookie is my most favourite character from a show, full stop.
    Of course Gilmore Girls is that show and I am so happy for you both.
    And for the coconut ice, send it on to me girlfriend ????????

    • Reply Meet Me At Mikes March 25, 2016 at 9:18 AM

      Hahaha! How amazing is this?! I really enjoyed the whole experience SO SO MUCH!! x

  • Reply Emm.A March 24, 2016 at 8:01 PM

    Oh my god, how great is it that you were able to met her! I am a huge Gilmore Girl Fan myself, I would have been so nervous!
    Greetings from Austria

    • Reply Meet Me At Mikes March 25, 2016 at 9:17 AM

      It’s weird, because I wasn’t really very nervous… I sort of felt like SHE WAS MY FRIEND after all this time watching her on TV! She was so lovely and I am now a HUGE fan of her husband, Ben. He’s such a darling! x

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