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Things To Wear: My Obus Wishlist

February 22, 2017

Obus Melbourne



obus melbourne

This post is in partnership with my Obus buddies

My friends at Obus are always making the kind of cute, comfy clothes I like.

If you follow my blog, you will know I have been wearing Kylie’s ace stuff for many years. There’s a reason for that – it’s locally made, suits lots of different bodies and features the kinds of prints I love.

There are also not one zillion of each style in production, which is nice in this era of mass production.

The other thing is, when you shop in store, the girls are so, so, so nice. Not snippety or uppity. Super friendly and kind. My fave sort of person, pretty much.

Here’s some perfectly on point picks from the current Obus range. (Helpfully, they have Afterpay now, so you can put your frocks on the (dollar) drip!)

1. Obus Raku Smock – I love this print and the style is super cute and comfy. I am getting this one next!
2. Obus Namaqua Dress – I actually have this dress and it’s a FIRM fave! Wear it every second day. Lucy has it too!
3. Obus Good Hope Dress – I have this smock too – in red gingham! It’s light and breezy (and comes with a slip!) I wear it every third day.
4. Obus Table Mountain Pant – I saw these in store, but was too lazy to try them on, because I was on my way to lunch (with kids, at Bang Bang!) They look like something I need, though.
5. Obus Tajido Dress – This dress is so sunny. I think I would like to wear it with a long-sleeve tee, 90s style, in Winter too. I’m retro with the layering.
6. Obus La Estrella Dress – This print is ace. This style is perfect for all the seasons. Winner!
7. Obus Hold Me Coin Purse – Perfect for those chilly market mornings when you need $2 fast.
8. Obus Marakuya Sock – For prettier, more floral tootsies, of course!
9. Obus X Unicorn Foundation Carryall – 100% of the profits from the sale of this bag go to the the help the fight against neuroendocrine cancer.

Very top two images: Look here!  : Bottom image of (gorgeous) Darling dress: Look here!

Thanks for reading guys! Chat soon!



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