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The Truth About Blogging Cliques

August 25, 2014

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You know what is cool? That the blogging community is so supportive of one another. That we all click around and pay each other visits and hang out with the peeps we like.  That is cool, no?  I think so.

Sadly, the nature of linking, social media and blogrolls can often mean that things look a bit fabulous and exclusive and a titch cliquey too.  It’s all a bit complicate-asaurus.

This webby complexity can play on our minds.  We’re suddenly back in the playground, it’s Grade 5 and there’s a pack forming in the quadrangle. Should we buy Tatiana a Frosty Fruit? Did Lucrezia like my new sports knickers? Will Hortense sit next to me on the bus? Oh no!

I’ve seen it spoken about very often in the bloggy world, maybe you have too?  Feeling left out. Cliques forming. Lines being drawn. Sob!  Often, bloggers just want to be included.  (We might even strive to be one of the gang.)

But here’s the thing.  Do these gangs actually exist?  Or is it something that just appears that way online?  Is everyone really buddying up and having a jolly old time (nastily excluding us!)  Or are we just being a bit sensitive and insecure and paying too much attention to social media?  I think that latter.

I think there’s a lot of smoke and mirror action happening. I think that some of these so-called cliques are really just…. FRIENDSHIPS! Omg!!

I  think it goes something like this:  Ace person is hanging out online (in a non-creepy way), wondering who else is like them. Then, ace person meets another blogger in real life.  Gazooks! Ace person is so thrilled to find someone a bit like them.  Happily, ace person and other blogger become firm friends. The end.

These guys are not trying to exclude anyone else.  They are simply STOKED to have a firm, bloggy friend! Nice.

Further, we’ve got to be open to these firm friendships.  It’s easy to assume someone is not your cup of tea (in case they reject you, reject them first kinda thing.)  Or assume they don’t want to extend the hand of friendship (maybe they are shy?!)  Or that they’re ignoring you (maybe they are just SUPER busy and struggling with time management?) But let’s not.  

Let’s assume that kind of thinking is drivel and make a commitment to be kind and connect.  We need to think the best of other bloggers and celebrate their friendships and achievements (and our own too!)  For the most part, we’re simply wanting to connect with others, not exclude, right?

 I vote to include.  To be kind and connect. To think and speak nicely of other bloggers and not cut them down to level the playing field.  

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  • Reply ReannonHope September 2, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    As a super new blogger I have a handful of bloggers I look up to & I’d never call them cliquey, it’s more like they are the year 12 girls & I’m in year 7- they have all the knowledge, experience & history & I’m just finding my way around. Maybe I’m lucky but any time I’ve put myself out there or asked for advice people have been great. The few times I’ve been ignored I try not to take it to heart & let it deter me. Like you said people are busy & you shouldn’t assume they are being snobby straight away.

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