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Ta-dah! Here’s the new book I wrote this year!

December 25, 2020

Hello there pals,

Just checking in to wish you a peaceful and safe holiday season (whether you celebrate or not) and … to let you know that my new book is on the way! Gasp!

It’s called Days Like These and it’s a book for tired and terrific mums who might need reminding that they matter, that they are brilliant and that they deserve a giant dose of TLC and self-care as often as possible. As an absolute priority.

I also wrote this book for mums who are tired of trying to measure up to impossible standards and just want to be appreciated and accepted for who they are/what they do. Because we’re all doing the best we can with what we have on any given day. (Or sometimes a little bit less. But that’s okay too!)

You can find out more about Days Like These at my publisher Murdoch Books.

Look at that bold, pretty cover (designed by the brilliant Michelle Mackintosh, of course!)

Perhaps there is a mum in your life who needs a book like this? Booktopia is ready for your preorders right now! It’s due out at the end of March.

Merry merry!

x pip

PS: A huge thank you to everyone who bought When Life Is Not Peachy this year. It’s done really, really well and that is thanks to folk like YOU!!! Bless ya, champs!

PPS: Here’s a bit of Days Like These, so you can see what it’s like inside!





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  • Reply Reannon December 25, 2020 at 5:45 PM

    Consider me your first ore-order Pip. I’ll read anything you write but I am one of those mums who always feels like she is doing a terrible job & continually forgets that I should factor myself into the people who need care too so this book sounds like something I need.

    Merry Christmas & I hope your first festive season back in Tassie with your fam has been brilliant xx

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