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Rad People: Lorien Stern and Her Ghosts + Froggies

November 16, 2018

I was reading through my regular blog faves this morning and found a post on Brown Paper Bag about Lorien Stern and the sharks she makes. Also included in that very excellent post were these GHOST vases. Honestly, I could not love them more.

Lorien ghost vase

Lorien ghost vase Lorien ghost vase

Not only are they perfect for the sort of flower arrangement you have discreetly snaffled from other peoples’ front gardens, they’re busting myths about ghosts in the process, characterising them as harborers of blooms instead of terror.

As Sara at Brown Paper Bag pointed out, this is a bit of a theme in Lorien’s work. Meanwhile Lorien pointed out that she lives in a small town in the Western Mojave Desert, California and that her “goal as an artist is to make people feel happy when they see her work with subjects related to nature, celebration, and death.”

Her brilliant ghost vases are currently SOLD OUT via preorder in her store. They are going straight to my Wishlist in the hopes that they will pop up again! Boooooooo!

x Pip

PS: Look at these frogs Lorien made!

Lorien Stern

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