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Nice Stuff For Good People #003

July 1, 2019

Do you want to see some nice stuff? You’ve come to the right place, peach!

Nice stuff for good people

1/ So honestly? I need a great colander. The ones I have are from the op shop and they are fine. But they are not good. Or even great. I’ve been looking about for a new one and it’s slim pickings. Some cute-looking colanders just do not have enough indentations in them. They are mostly bowls with holes. I have researched and the ones I came up with are either this set (below) or this one or this handy-dandy over-the-sink one.

Williams Sonoma colander set

2/ This amazing honey and beeswax soap is dotted with little bees. How beautiful is that? Almost too nice to wash your hands with, to be honest!

Honey and beeswax soap

3/ I love The Simple Things magazine. I have a subscription on my Wishlist but it’s not in the budget at the mo. Maybe next month!

The Simple Things

4/ Sophie told me about these Liberty shoes in her newsletter (you should subscribe!) and honestly get in my shopping cart gosh-darn-it!

Liberty Bensimon Shoes

5/ Claire is reading this book and it looks v. interesting! Have you read it too? Thoughts? Here is the review that Claire shared. It’s not a new release, by the way, but SO.WHAT?!

A tale for the time being

6/ I am about to start reading … Eating My Words. An Appetite For Life. I bought a second-hand copy on Abe Books, but you can also buy it new here. It’s by Mimi Sheraton (who I mentioned the other day here.)


7/ I am very much liking this beautiful blue dress. Pocket alert, y’all!

Blue dress

8/  Okay I spotted this in a very lovely Facebook group my mum added me to and who knew you could make CHEESE CARNATIONS?!  (video) I did not know, but now I do.

Possibly we don’t need a cheese scraper things, but gosh … what if we DO need one?!  It’s okay because they all seem to be about $1million each so we can just watch the video and DREAM of scrape-y cheese.

9/ Excuse me but this pot NOT ONLY has horses on it, but it’s also the sort of pot that you can use the fancy Dofeau method in. I have a big orange Cousances Dofeau pot that I somehow hung onto through the break-up. It’s brilliant. But it doesn’t have horses on it, so I am quite fixated on this one. Would be a perfect pot for making my world famous North Balwyn famous bread. (As detailed here!)


10/ Okay. Look. I told you that I was trying to learn about wine. And I told you that I decided I am a bit of cheap wine sort of person, when push comes to shove. Until someone bestows non cheap and delicious wine on me, I like drinking this ONE PARTICULAR wine and it’s refreshing and light and a total spot-hitter. Yes that is a made up word. It is the one. Maybe you will like it too, if you are not super fancy with your wine?  Just imagine yourself in Gerald Durrell’s My Family and Other Animals. Perched on the terrace of a Corfu villa, quaffing it by the jugful. That should work!

11/ Here is a new playlist for you!

Hope you had fun reading Nice Stuff for Good People. Back soon with … TAKING STOCK!

x pip

PS: Sorry for all the shouting.

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  • Reply Ali July 26, 2019 at 1:47 PM

    I’m just catching up on my RSS feeds, so only just saw this post. But I also highly recommend Ruth Ozeki’s My Year of Meat. It’s a book I’ve read over and over again.
    Also, good colanders definitely make your life better! I have a couple of the mesh ones from Muji that are lovely, and this one with tiny holes which I adore:

  • Reply Justine Jennings July 2, 2019 at 5:43 PM

    Such a lovely list – I have read the Ruth Ozeki book and loved it – but it is her first book that is one of my all time favourites – “My Year of Meat”

  • Reply Jill July 2, 2019 at 5:39 PM

    So many lovely things on this list!

  • Reply Erica July 1, 2019 at 8:38 PM

    I love The Simple Things magazine and download it for free from my local library using the PressReader app. Maybe your library has it, too?

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