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A Bunch Of Nice Plates On Etsy

November 30, 2018
Nice plates

What would we do without plates? We’d be relegated to a life of eating from boards, boxes and jam jars and nobody wants that for us. Nope.

Quite a few people have asked me about some of the plates at my house – the painted dessert plates and the chunky animal plates by Nathalie Leté – they are from Anthropologie. I think only the dessert plates are still available though. These ones are nice too (I don’t have ’em though.) And they still have these Nathalie ones.

I bought them with some of my book money as a sort of reminder that I managed to get published. As previously mentioned, for some reason, I buy kitchen things whenever I have a windfall or need to celebrate things, rather than jewellery or fancy bags or things. I’m just a kitchen kind of person.

Now here are some other plates I like, in case you are in the market.

Yvonne Ellen Homewares Yvonne Ellen Homewares

Yvonne Ellen Homewares

Mister Berwyn plates

Mister Berwyn 

Art by Livia Coloji Art by Livia Coloji

Livia Coloji / Verdana


Everyday Clay Studio

Made by VA

Made By VA

Wobbly Plates

Wobbly Plates via here

So nice, right?! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Feeling A Bit Sh*t! Late for work!!!

x pip

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