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Ask A Grown Writer: Kerri Sackville

March 11, 2015

Kerri Sackville is a smart and funny lady.

She’s a writer and broadcaster with a quick wit and a clever approach, blogging at Life & Other Crises.

I’m a bit of a fan, especially as Kerri and I have been fighting the good fight agains anecdotal/untrained wellness advocates over the last few weeks.

I thought it would be GREAT to find out how Kerri approaches writing online. Here’s her tip-top three tips for online writing success…


1. Have a strong opinion. And if you don’t have an opinion, don’t write about it. No-one is interested in wishy washy, or middle of the road. You won’t please everyone, but you’ll be interesting.
2. Be concise. People read differently on the internet than they do in hard copy form. No longer than 500-600 words unless the piece is absolutely incredible. If it’s longer than that, break it up into two shorter pieces. 
3. Be clever in your links. Not ‘I just blogged….’ or ‘Check this out’. Make people want to click on the link. Make it irresistibly fascinating. Many large popular websites do excellent link bait so check them out for ideas.


Here’s Kerri and Lana talking about random stuff. It’s part of their new video series and it’s pretty funny/ace.

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