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Shake It Up! A Helpful eBook I Wrote For Bloggers

April 30, 2017
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Hello! Aw hai. Here’s a little post for the bloggers out there – a reminder about this helpful and excellent eBook!

Shake It Up! is a month-long guide (in eBook form) to making your blog more satisfying, meaningful and successful – with a hefty dose of FUN and RAD too!

The simple idea behind Shake It Up! is that doing something small every day to improve your blog – and/or creative life  – will result in big rewards all ’round.

Every day (1 through 30) of Shake It Up! discusses an element of blogging and suggests ways to reassess and improve that thing.

This eBook is useful for beginner through to advanced bloggers – and many of its elements can be applied to creating a great Instagram account, too. It’s packed full of reminders about motivation, inspiration and purpose (as well as lessons on creativity, better images, writing and design!)

Shake It Up! is 97 pages long – in prettily-designed PDF format – ready to read on your computer, tablet or phone.

Head here to get yourself a copy and fancy up your blog! It’s usually $19.99 – but at the moment it’s $9.95. VALUE plus. Yup.

x Pip


Shake It Up!

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