Craft For The Soul: Chapter One: Have Nice Times : Activities + Bonus Bits

I made these little bugs for the endpapers of Craft For The Soul


(Find the full text from Chapter One here!)



Make a list of goals, big and small things you’d really like to do in this lifetime 

Some ideas:

Live in the country
Take a trip to Paris
Trace your family tree
Travel around Australia
Buy a Kombi
Own a dachshund
Become a doctor
Write a book
Work for an NGO
Live to be 110
Become a vegan
Build a great business
Build a house
Fall in love
Look for the Loch Ness Monster
Meet Stephen Fry
Ride to the top of the Empire State Building
Be self-sufficient
Climb a really big mountain
Run a marathon
Be on a game show
See a whale
Make $1 million dollars
Entertain people
Win an esteemed prize
Give up smoking
Stop boozing
See the pyramids
Have children


pip lincolne craft for the soul 5

These are some cute collages I made for the book

Nice Moments To Be Made 

Read a book in the queue at the airport
Listen to a podcast on the bus
Play an audio book in the car on the way to work
Use your walk to the bank to think about life’s good stuff
Get up an hour earlier to do something you love
Buy a great pen so that you can write happily (even if you are writing boring stuff)
Allow twice the time to do your weekly food shopping (in a leisurely way!)
Take your own fave magazine to the doctor’s waiting room
Write something during your flight
Write letters to friends and create unexpected great moments when you receive a reply
Walk you dog and notice the world.
Get a really great mug and make your tea break nicer.
Meet a friend for lunch each week.
Walk some of the way home and use the time to think
Use your lunch hour to take photos or snippets of film
Make a delicious lunch for you.


craft for the soul pip lincolne

These are my toes


What makes you happy? 
As answered by older people! 

I asked readers of my blog to chat to the older people in their life, looking for happiness clues…

My grandchildren running up to me and giving me a hug
Maureen B : Landsdale, Western Australia : 70

Waking up and feeling well
Betty B : Pinjarra, Western Australia : 87

To be with my husband
June W : Tuart Hill, Western Australia, age not known

Spending time with my family and a brandy and dry at the end of the day:  (My mother jokingly added “Waking up every day,” and my nanna replied “Definitely top if the list!”)
Jean M: Geraldton, 87

Seeing all the family sitting around the dining table together
Barbara, 75

Sipping my first cup of tea in the morning and reading the newspaper.
Alice S: Mount Lawley, WA, 79

My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren make me the happiest and luckiest of all.
Saul S: Toorak, Melbourne, 95

“I don’t know. My sister was born in the war. She is not happy. I’m just a happy person! No, I know. I work. If something is no good, I work. I don’t sit still.”
Anna: Sydney, NSW, 77

ME: “Hey Nanny, what makes you happy ?”
NANNY: “When you knock on the door and the kiddies are there smiling at me”

Daisy Annie-Belle F: East Preston, Victoria, 82

Seeing our family happy and healthy.
Peter Jones (80) and Robin Jones (76) Wollongong NSW

Gardening and Bowls and getting emails from people I care about.
Tex R:  Newcastle, NSW, 75

Not just having grandchildren, but playing with them, being silly and making them laugh
Keith, Melbourne, 75

What makes us happy?  Need you ask?  Our great grandchildren running up the drive to see us. Also being in the company of our family. Last night for instance.  Sorry I can’t say parachute jumping or horse riding, but I have to tell the truth.
Beryl & David: Carnegie, Melbourne
age: both 84

The freedom to make my own decisions.
Marjory W: Yuulong, Victoria, 82

.Being alive and able to draw and paint in my newly built outdoor studio overlooking the hills.
Douglas B : Maleny, Queensland, 84.5

Just rang my Nanna and she said that ‘Sunshine’ makes her happy.
She is: Kath: Melbourne, Victoria, 93

Being around family and enjoying a hot cup of tea.
S Bradshaw: Perth, Western Australia, 73

When I pick up the phone and hear the words: Hi Grandma!
Anne Y: Sydney, NSW, 70

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