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tassie event: books, snacks and chats at The Bowmont

April 26, 2021

Well hello! Guess what?! I’m part of a very fun upcoming event with Sophie Hansen and Michelle Crawford at Michelle’s beautiful The Bowmont – aka The Bowie – building. Perhaps you’d like to come along and hear us talk about Sophie’s new book In Good Company as well as my new book Days Like These? I swear it’s going to be heaps of cosy, chatty fun and it’s actually the only event I’m doing for my book at this stage. Sophie,…

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things I’ve been enjoying

April 26, 2021

Hello champs! How are things with you? Are you okay? I hope so! Today I thought I’d tell you about some things that have been making my days ace. Because who doesn’t need ace-day-maker suggestions?! 1/ Readly This is not a sponsored mention, so fear not. I have been using an app called Readly to catch up on a few of my favourite magazines. It’s such a brilliant stress reliever to ‘flip’ through the pages and I have accumulated a…

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My favourite podcast is a delightful newbie!

April 14, 2021

Dear gosh. Thank you, dear reader, for not forgetting all about me. Life has been so busy with the move and various peaky days and then Easter and then my new book coming out. I have hardly had a moment to write here. This week, however, things are looking quieter. Only three interviews (!) and all my uni assessments are done (for now!) So let’s get on with it and talk … podcasts! (I accidentally wrote podcat there at first…

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The one about advice during sad times …

March 29, 2021

A little note for people who are enduring a rough patch: The advice. Land sakes. It will roll in like some freakishly giant wave, with you a tiny person clinging to a life preserver, ill equipped for the conversation that lies ahead and even more ill equipped for the sneaky whiplash this chat will give you. When someone is in trouble, people get distressed and they want to help. It’s brilliant. What’s not brilliant is that difficult life situations are…

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Nice Life Reminders Pip-Life Taking Stock

Taking Stock: March 2021

March 12, 2021

Hello pals, Perhaps it’s time to catch our breath and take stock of where we are at right this minute? I think so. Here I go ..! Taking Stock Making: the most of the sunny Autumn days … such a perfect time of year! Cooking: cheesy toast PLUS the delicious tomato jam from Stephanie’s Seasons (with my mum!) and lots of other things for my fam. Getting: Ready for my new book to come out! Sipping: white wine/Bitter Lemon spritzes…

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Book Club Chat: Cider With Rosie

March 2, 2021

If you joined our book club you most likely have started reading Cider With Rosie (with me!) I have to admit I’m reading slowly. There is a LOT going on in world at the moment. I’ve started a new study term and I’m about to start a new part-time contact job and I’m doing all sorts of things to get my new digs and garden just the way I like it. Perhaps your life is a bit of a jumble…

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