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You Probably Actually Need This ‘The Breakfast Club’ Claire Doll

The Breakfast Club

Perhaps you didn’t know you needed a The Breakfast Club doll? I didn’t know I needed one. Now I can’t stop thinking about this one. Wanting things is weird like that, right?

The Breakfast Club Claire Doll

[The Breakfast Club Doll by Slice of Mod Pie]

And let’s be clear. I am THE WORST. If I see a little thing that looks fancy and seems interesting or clever or fun, I will think about it for 127 years. Or possibly 127 hours. My point being, I can’t get it out of my head for what seems like the longest OR most relentless time.

Cases in point:

1/ I think about Brunetti Raspberry Eclairs most days of the week. LOVE their pinky elegant tang. LOVE.
2/ I’ve been thinking about buying the book Cloud Atlas. Every day. Since last week. Admittedly that’s not a super crazy longing, but it’s still a nagging pang.
3/ I think about buying the Box Set of The Sopranos every third day or so. I have been doing this for about 2 months. I am obsessed with Edie Falco and I didn’t ever watch this series and now I know my life is incomplete until I close the Edie binge-watching circle with The Sopranos. I am also obsessed with Merrit Wever. I wish her Nurse Jackie character Zoe would come and live in my house. In my spare room. If I had a spare room. I love Nurse Jackie so much.
4/ I think about buying this book. I love Chrissy Teigen and her cute-faced kid and her sassy quipping and I really want her book and I look at it once a week online but I haven’t bought it yet. (Did you know she has a food blog?! It’s old and from a long time ago, but it’s there!!)
5/etc Pork and Green Pea dumplings. Most weeks. Kewpie Sesame Dressing. Most weeks. Breakfast at Mario’s. Most months. Chicken sandwiches at Madame Brussels. Most quarters. Holidays in sunny Bali. Most months.

Phew. You SEE! Argh. I am the worst. WANT.

LUCKILY I am very disciplined, I think about wanting things a lot. I don’t have to HAVE the thing. I can work through the want. But I will still THINK about the thing. Until, at some point, I don’t. Because I have thought of something else (thing two) and thing one has been popped on the back burner (simmering but not to be forgotten).

The Breakfast Club Claire Doll

I think this doll is going to be like that. A sort of wave of want that goes in and out like the tide.

Perhaps you didn’t know you needed a The Breakfast Club doll?

x Pip

Also – there is a Stranger Things Sesame Street parody called Sharing Things. So know that.



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    November 29, 2017 at 1:07 AM

    Hahaha Yeah i do the same!
    Maybe i keep thinking about a book or something and checking it´s website several times a month …
    I wanted this book by Adam J Kurtz for christmas and until i bought it i kept checking instagram with tags of the book, the web, the library store etc etc :S

  • Reply
    November 28, 2017 at 5:14 PM

    Yes, watch The Sopranos! And now I need the Claire doll. Also, get Cloud Atlas. It’s awesome.

  • Reply
    Laura Mah
    November 27, 2017 at 8:21 PM

    Ok so that Stranger Things parody is everything. So good + poor Barb.
    And Nurse Zoe is one of my fave characters ever in a TV show. She is such a good human being. xx

  • Reply
    November 27, 2017 at 7:48 PM

    Pip, I am like you & think about things I’d like to own A LOT but I never impulse buy. I’m too frugal for that & I try really hard to not accumulate stuff just for the sake of it. Sometimes these traits annoy me & I wish I could just buy the dang thing I want! For instance, I’ve borrowed the same cookbooks from the library 3 times & think surely that means I should buy them?! But really what happens is, I borrow them thinking I’m going to make ALL the things, I make only 1 of the things & then return them. Sometimes I think that if I own a certain thing ( ie. a healthy, wholefood cookbook) then I’ll become that ( ie a healthy, wholefood eater) but deep down I’m smart enough to know that’s not true.
    One thing I will say is this- watch The Sopranos!!! It is a top 5 series for me. So SO good!!!

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