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You Are Fine The Way You Are


Dear Reader,

As we turn the corner into a new year I thought what better thing to do than to add to all the advice that’s zipping about the internet at the mo. You are so welcome.

So let’s do that. My advice is this:

Have a fun time tonight OR go to sleep early. Nothing bad happens if you go to sleep before midnight. (You won’t spontaneously combust, for instance.) And obviously good things happen if you stay up and have a fun time. (Although sometimes it can go a bit pear-shaped, forewarned is forearmed… tequila etc etc!)  Don’t even WORRY about it if you can’t be bothered to be all excited and celebratory. That’s okay. Do it your way. Alternatively – go nuts and cut loose and be bananas! That’s ace too.

Note that – these are days just like any other, except we’re MUCH MORE likely to reflect on what we don’t like about ourselves. That annoys me no end. Maybe it annoys you too? Bugger that. Reflect on what you DO LIKE about yourself.  (Maybe you could occasionally give the bits you don’t like as much a sort of encouraging, loving snuggle, too?)

Don’t let this time of the year anxiously divert you from your usual job of tackling stuff in your own way.

Remember – we are lucky to have you about the place.  You are doing your best and you’re fine the way you are, working at the pace you do.

Resolve to just be your charming self.

Keep rolling along just the way you usually do. Doing stuff that makes you happy and stuff that feels right for you and stuff that seems fun. You’re doing an ace job already. Nice work. *fist bump*

Happy New Year to you, champ!  You are FINE THE WAY YOU ARE!

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