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Yes Please: Estonian Knitted Animals and Pigeon Socks

March 14, 2017
knitted animals and pigeon socks

Envelope Shop Anu and Anu Knitted AnimalsEnvelope Shop Anu and Anu Knitted Animals


I found this ace shop called Envelope, and they have really beautiful things. Not just amazingly pretty knitted animal kits and pattern books like these – in fact these are the exception rather than the rule.  Moreso they have gorgeous ceramics and kitchen things and accessories and linen and smock dresses and hankies and all of the lovely things.

Look at these wooden plates.
And these hankies/napkins.
And this butter dish.
And the pigeon socks!

All very excellent and covetable, methinks. Hurrah for Japan, pretty much.

Envelope shop Pigeon Socks


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