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Yes, I AM Actually A Spice Girl Now

February 3, 2018
Spices a la Meet Me At Mike's

Spices are tricky aren’t they? The storage of them, I mean.

I have a cool built-in spice rack at my house, and the landlord was kind enough to give me the little bottles that are made to go in it …

But … I can’t help but think what I’d do when I move. I would have to move all the spices out of their jars too. It seems like a big job. A lot of sprinkling and tipping and funnel-ing and sneezing and rehoming. I can’t even with it. Those jars – while kind and useful – seem like a big commitment.

So, after much thought and a lot of spilled five spice in the cupboard, I came up with this fix. Instead of “moving in to” the built-in spice rack’s official jars, I went for a more permanent AND portable AND pink solution.

I got a bunch of these little jars with screw top lids from the dollar shop. And an old school style 3D Dymo labeller from Officeworks – PLUS some neon tape. Then I went to town with the clicking and snipping and tipping.

(I paid for these things. #notsponsored).

Meet Me At Mike's spice jarsMeet Me At Mike's spice jars


Now there will be no more little packets spilling their spicy nonsense in the pantry. What a relief. PLUS, I kind of feel like these jars are cheerily heckling me every time I look at them. They’re sort of bright and shouty. “”CARAWAY SEEDS!!!” one calls cheekily. “SICHUAN PEPPER!” another yells.

How did I even live before I spiced up my spices, I ask you? This is so much better!


x Pip

PS: Also “GARBM M[ASALA?]!!” * wink * It’s a thing. (below)

PPS: The Spice Girls were just hanging out together! (scroll down)

Meet Me At Mike's spice jars

Spice Girls 2018


  • Reply KimW February 8, 2018 at 7:27 AM

    You may have seen this – it was on Twitter a few months ago – but: someone was bored one day and was poking around on Twitter, and went to one of the Spice Girls’ Twitter pages. And he happened to notice that one of the people following Ginger Spice (or whoever) was: the Twitter Account for Kentucky Fried Chicken. He thought that was a little odd, and went to the Kentucky Fried Chicken Twitter page to see who else they followed.

    The KFC page also followed Baby Spice, he saw. And Posh Spice, and Scary Spice – in fact, it followed all of the Spice Girls. But that’s not all – it also followed a state politician, and a weatherman, and a couple of other random men. Six men in all. The men ddn’t seem to have any connection to the Spice Girls, or to Kentucky Fried Chicken. He puzzled at this, trying to figure out what they all had in common and why KFC would want to follow them on Twitter.

    Then he noticed that all the men were named “Herb.” And that’s when he figured it out:

    Six herbs.

    All five Spice Girls.

    ….Eleven herbs and spices.

  • Reply Tiffany February 6, 2018 at 8:48 AM

    So funny, I actually labelled all my spice jars (well, the ones where I knew confusion could occur) with red Dymo tape on the weekend. I didn’t know the hot pink existed!

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  • Reply paula February 3, 2018 at 8:56 PM

    dymo labeller!

  • Reply Katie Writes Stuff February 3, 2018 at 4:55 PM

    That bright pink dymo tape looks glorious. We used to have a spice rack but most of the labels fell off the jars and we ended up cooking by guesswork. I like your idea much better.

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