Writey-Oh! in MAY: An eCourse for Bloggers and Online Writers

Say hello to Writey-oh!

This coming May, I’m running the online blogging e-course Writey-oh! for a second time. It’s a course focused around writing skills and creating a meaningful blogging practice.

There are places available for 25 students.

Lessons are based on the current online landscape with instruction on how to get the most out of your blog both personally, creatively and community-wise.

The idea is to nurture your own little corner of the internet that does what blogging was originally meant for – encouraging expression and creativity, and connecting to other like-minded souls.  And to create a sort of legacy that you feel proud of.

And while social media is part of that equation, this eCourse will also focus on writing a blog that shares posts via email and creating smaller but more engaged communities (with a little bit of help from your favoured existing social platforms.)

Basically it’s about creating something you are proud of and having fun blogging … and really having a place to express yourself in a less confined way.

Class starts 12 May —more details below.

All Writey-oh! content is brand spanking new, written for clever and creative bloggers with the current online environment in mind.

We’ll look at examples of great blogs, great writing, great images and great editorial frameworks, and then come up with our own ideas for our own blogs.

We’ll also work on building our own gang of readers and fostering a network of creative peers to help support our efforts.

The Writey-oh! Details

If you’re keen to kick start your creative practice and refresh, restart or launch your blog then this eCourse will be a fabulous place to start.

  • Lessons are via a private website – with lifetime access.
  • Technical and creative support is via email.
  • Chat and networking is via a private Instagram account.
  • Guided course time runs for 14 days.
  • Study load is self-paced. At a guess it would be around 4 hours per week – but with the option to access all lessons and Instagram ‘group’ for as long as you like. Some will study for fewer hours. Others for more. 
  • What you need – a computer or an iPad with external keyboard.
  • A blog – a free one on WordPress.com is just fine.  (If you need help, ask me!)

How much does Writey-Oh! cost?
It costs $89.

Grab a spot — or one for a friend — here.

I’ll be back very soon with something interesting AND helpful!

x pip