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Working With Brands Printable & A Tiny Bit Of Advice

working with brands


*Disclosure: I work with Agents of Influence

Working with brands:
Many bloggers dream of being sent free things, writing sponsored posts and name dropping the heck out of various people/places/things. If you are thinking you might like to work with a company/person to promote their wares here are some things you need to have a think about.

Is it free?
It’s  worth noting that there really is no such thing as a free lunch. You probably have to face mentioning the freebie to your followers or be prepared to get (perhaps rightly) pestered by the PR or brand who took you out and gave you a complimentary good time/thing.

If you are ever given something – a product or experience, even if you don’t get paid for it you must ALWAYS DISCLOSE.  At the very top of the post and in any social media pushes you do for the post/story in question. Give people a chance to click away if they so choose. Always, always, always disclose free product, paid posts or posts that have some kind of contra deal involved.  It’s not as complicated as people seem to think. Just tell the truth! For instance:

The restaurant ‘Jack and Jilly’ offered me a free lunch if I wrote about their new menu. I accepted, but all opinions are my own.


I was sent a coffee machine/computer/couch for free! I’m writing about it because I really like it, but there was no obligation to do so.

Readers can then draw their own conclusions. Most will assume that if you’ve accepted a free thing, you might be slightly biased in your writings of that thing. So be warned about that. It can chip away at your integrity if you do it a lot.

How to connect with brands:
Agencies like Nuffnang, Brand Meets Blog, The Remarkables and Agents of Influence* are just a few that bridge the gap between blogger and brand. You can also directly approach the brand you love (via Facebook for instance!) and pitch them your ideas. You’ll need to be ready to tell them about your readership and what they stand to gain from working with you.

In the comments:

Would you like to work with brands?
Do you like it when blogger work with brands?
Have you ever been influenced to buy by a blogger?


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