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Why You Should Support This Project (Even If It’s Just A Bright Idea Right Now!)

July 25, 2015

I get it. Crowd funding. Hm.

It can be hard to get behind something that’s just an idea.

Maybe you are worried that it will go on to NOT reflect the kinds of things you are into. Maybe you are worried the thing might not work out. That the people involved might not be skilled/reliable enough to realise the dream? Or maybe you are worried that it won’t turn out as great as you thought and that’s a reflection on you?

I understand those thoughts. I really do.

The thing is, that great ideas often need a bit of blind faith to give them momentum. They need people like us to buy into their value and support their vision.

This leads me to a particularly bright idea that is about to take flight. One that PEOPLE LIKE US need to get behind because it’s the kind of thing PEOPLE LIKE US want for our girls (in my opinion!)

Tigress Magazine. 

You might/might not already know that Tigress is a website aimed at sassy, curious, smart young people (of all ages!) I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me comparing it to Rookie, at least in terms of editorial direction, because BOTH are seeking to produce timely pieces that are relevant to kids now-a-days.

Because there is SO MUCH STUFF online – interesting, clever, smart voices like Rookie (and Tigress) are super important, providing curated content that kids can click right up to. While I really DO like the mixed bag that the internet brings, it’s ace to know that there are people working hard at being a one-stop-shop for fresh, insightful online views. ESPECIALLY so when it’s aimed at teens (of all ages!) Thanks to those people!

Right at this minute, Tigress are crowdfunding for their first print issue. I think it’s something we should all get behind because

a) Their aim of creating a 100 page magazine version of the kinds of things that appear on their site which includes “articles covering everything from armpit hair to music shaming to defining feminism to sex therapy to depression to bad breakups. We feature book reviews, fantastic giveaways from small businesses, interviews of visual artists, and more” sounds really ace and I, for one, want to read it.

b) Publications for teens are few and far between – we should support clever cookies who are creating content for this important gang. Those kids are the future. They will teach us all the things. Feed them the good stuff.

c) You might get to play a role. Tigress accepts submissions (or you could advertise with them and get behind their work.)

d) When was the last time you were asked to support a creative, community minded, feminist magazine for girls? Probably never. It’s your lucky day! 

e) Our kids are really smart and are often able to filter out the shitty messages the media sends them about their bodies and themselves, but it would be really great to change the landscape and this is a great positive step towards that.

f) The team involved are experience and have a plan for success (see that here.)

You can go over here to pledge some funds to Tigress. Even a tiny bit will do. Or a big bit. It’s up to you.

I think you should support this, even though it’s just a good idea right now, because that’s how good ideas become reality. Take a punt on something that could change things up? If we don’t, who will?!

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  • Reply Emily July 28, 2015 at 12:03 PM

    I have 3 young daughters with the eldest aged 11.
    I am having trouble finding magazines for her that aren’t full of celebrities etc. She’s just too young to be exposed to that.

  • Reply Pia July 26, 2015 at 5:34 PM

    This is a fantastic post – it’s so difficult to sort the what from the chaff in every aspect of life, let alone the world of the internet.
    And giving us the knowledge to help our daughters find relatively ‘safe’ and genuinely informative ‘stuff’ on the net, is invaluable.
    I’m going to go check out both Rookie and Fortress websites – after this I’ll heard to the crowd funding site for Tigress. If it’s all as good as you say, then I will be sharing on my various FB sites.

  • Reply The Hipsterette July 25, 2015 at 8:04 PM

    A great idea for a unique “young” voice for Australia – we had “Go Set” , “Forum” in the past.

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