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:: Why I Like Blogs

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately. About whether it’s useful and why. There’s so much talk of influencers, commercialisation and the like swirling about blogs. And lots of glimpses into people’s lives, perfect corners, wistful glances, fresh frocks, lovely shoes.  It’s all got me thinking about what blogs mean to me…

Do you know what I like about blogging?
I like it that having a blog or reading blogs reminds you that life can change all the time. That you can be interested and inspired by different things on different days. That the search for things that excite or inform or impress or motivate you can be undertaken on a regular basis. That looking for things that pique your interest is a perfectly valuable thing to do. That today’s view doesn’t have to be tomorrow’s.

Do you know what I like about some blogs?
That they remind you that you can keep shifting, be better. You can be more creative or make more delicious food or savour special moments if you choose. That you can train your eye to see shapes, colours, language, light, moods that you might not normally spot. That you can navigate life with a curious, hopeful attitude, ready to be surprised by the things you see and do, or the people you meet.

Blogging for me is a reminder that life is an exploration… an adventure. That it unfolds like a lovely board game, fresh out of the box, with twists and turns and bits and bobs that you didn’t expect, but that you love or at the very least, notice.

Thanks blogs.

How about you? Why do you like blogs? Or blogging?

Write soon!

x Pip



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    October 22, 2014 at 9:43 AM

    I LOVE this post Pip, So many reasons there that I love blogs too. And now thanks to your awesome courses I am blogging too, and I’m having such a great time, exploring and creating x

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