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What’s your nature prescription?

March 3, 2019

The Scottish government are encouraging doctors to dispense nature prescriptions.

There’s a brilliant list of outdoorsy suggestions people can undertake and it’s helpful and incredibly specific. It goes like this …

  • Stand looking over the Loch of Belmont in Unst and listen to the pre-migratory courtship of calloos (long-tailed ducks) before they move north to their tundra breeding grounds.
  • Don’t mow the lawn – and watch the minibeasts move in.
  • Create a rock sculpture on a beach.
  • Follow a bumblebee.
  • Re-wild one of your senses – smell everything in nature.
  • Write a worry onto a stone and throw it into the sea.
  • Try “charming” a worm from the ground without digging or adding liquids … rhythm is the answer.
  • Get out “whatever the weather” and feel the exhilaration of wind and rain on your face.
  • Make a bird bath – an upside-down bin lid will do.
  • Make a bug hotel

Feel free to add your own ideas – for Australia or other countries – below. The more nature the better when you are feeling non-Peachy, I say. We haven’t all got a Loch on our doorstep, but we might have something else worth sharing? Off you!

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