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What’s Chrissie Swan Reading, Blogwise?

October 16, 2014

Yes! I did ask Chrissie what her fave blogs were!
Here is what she had to say…

show and tell
Inspiring lady-friends talk about everything from sex to shoes.
Monty Dimond does the interviews and she is the bomb.
My friend Brooke Campbell works (like a Trojan) behind the scenes.
Being on that website makes me feel better about everything.

temple and webster
If a fool and his money are parted easily then I am a fool when it comes to Temple & Webster.
The blog is packed full of beautiful things for the home that would just get broken or ruined at my place with all my kids but a gal can dream of turquoise vessels and beachy linen sofas…

She’s funny and sassy and smart and she likes daft punk too which makes me feel a lot better about myself.

Do you read any of these blogs? (I really do!)

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