What To Buy For Christmas (Or The Heck Of It): Gilmore Girls Pins

Gilmore Girls pin

In today’s episode of What To Buy For Christmas (Or The Heck Of It), I’m talking pins. Or flair. Or as we call them in the suburbs, badges. These ones are particularly Gilmore-y and I do not know how I am going to choose between them. Sigh. Life is so HARD, sometimes…



Amy Sherman-Palladino pin

The Lorelais pin : by Popular Pins (top)
Executive producer pin : by FoGaGarty

Gilmore Girls pins
Tie your tubes, idiot pin : by FoGaGarty
Luke’s pin : by Silly Duffer

Oy with the poodles pin

Oy with the poodles pin : by Gritty Kitty Committee

Set of Gilmore Girls Pins

Jess, Lane, Lorelai and Rory pin set: by Adorn The Hunter


Jess and Rory
Rory & Jess or Rory & Dean pin: By Bubble Cat Pins


Can you believe it’s one more day until the new eps?!

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