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What To Buy For Christmas (Or The Heck Of It): Enamel Mugs

Enamel mugs. Who can resist them? Personally, I can’t. Especially if they are personalised. Even if they are not personalised. I love ’em all. (Unless they have spiders or something like that on them.)

Not only do enamel mugs feel sort of huggable in your hands, they conjure up a variety of scenarios including – but not limited to – camping, hipster cabins, road trip picnic sets, beach cordial sips and dark, squeaky cupboards in nice, old shacks.

PLUS, you can bump them about a bit and they will look even BETTER than when they are new. They’re versatile like that.

Here are some enamel mugs YOU might want for Christmas. Or for the heck of it. (Because lots of people don’t DO Christmas but they might fancy the presents anyway…!)

Personalised enamel mugenamel eye mugfeminist killjoy enamel mugNerdy By Nature enamel mugTogether Forever Moomin Mugillustrated enamel mugsFolklore Enamel Mug

Hygge Bear enamel mugDaisy Chain Enamel Mug


Personalised enamel mug by Nokk Valley
Enamel EYE mug by Nokk Valley
Feminist Killjoy mug by Dr Iinky
Nerdy By Nature mug by Dr Iinky
Together Forever Moomin mug by MuShop
Polar animals enamel mug by Lanomada Illustration
Folklore enamel mug by Hard To Find
Hygge Bear enamel mug by Claire Close
Daisy chain enamel mug by LaLaLand


Maybe you need one, for you? Or someone you really like? Yes?

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  • Jane @ Shady Baker
    November 22, 2016 at 9:47 PM

    One of each please…and not for friends and family but for myself. Love them all x

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