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What To Buy For Christmas (Or The Heck Of It!) : Calendars

hellosmallworld made the Jaunty Animals Calendarmargin made the Floral Calendaritsukonaka made the Migratory Birds Wall Calendarconstanceandclay made the Gin For The Win CalendarGingiber made the Cat Desk CalendarDURIDO made the Lion CalendarModernPrintedMatter made the Perpetual Birthday Calendar AtelierElcid made the Modern Wall CalendarPlutoKaleidoscope made the Solar System Wall Calendar FavoriteStory made the Mini Desk Calendar
Calendars hey? Who needs ’em? We do. Yes. We really do.

While it’s good to rely on Google Calendar and the like, it’s quite nice to have something on your wall that you can sort of eyeball each day as you are chomping on your toast and pondering what’s ahead.

And how good to have a birthday calendar instead of relying on Facebook to alert you to birthdays? So good. Especially for me. Some of my friends don’t put their birthday’s on Facebook and then I don’t have a birthday calendar and sometimes this means I wake up in the dead of night and go ‘OH MY GOD! THE BIRTHDAY OF IMPORTANT PERSON WAS YESTERDAY!’  I don’t want that for you. I truly don’t.

So noting all that, and how it’s almost time to be buying Christmas or For The Heck Of It Gifts, I have spent half the afternoon tracking down nice calendars on your behalf. These are ideal for toast chompers and birthday anxious people (like me!) They could be just the trick for you too…

From top to bottom

hellosmallworld made the Jaunty Animals Calendar
margin‘s Zoe Ingram made the Floral Calendar
itsukonaka made the Migratory Birds Wall Calendar
constanceandclay made the Gin For The Win Calendar
Gingiber made the Cat Desk Calendar
DURIDO made the Lion Calendar
ModernPrintedMatter made the Perpetual Birthday Calendar
AtelierElcid made the Modern Wall Calendar
PlutoKaleidoscope made the Solar System Wall Calendar
FavoriteStory made the Mini Desk Calendar

Let me know which one you fancy?!

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  • Chimène / Atelier Elcid
    November 12, 2016 at 3:54 AM

    Hi Pip !

    Thank you so much for selecting my calendar 🙂

    • Meet Me At Mikes
      November 14, 2016 at 6:06 PM

      Oh hello! Thank you for making beautiful things for us!!! xxx

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