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What The Heck Is RSS?



All blogs have RSS feeds (unless you use some weird platform!) Blogger and WordPress create the RSS feed automatically.

If you are on WordPress yours will be something similar (http://yourblogaddress/feed) and if you are on blogger (

What RSS does is pull all the information from your blog post right after you publish it, and convert it into a really boring looking format that can be read by sites like Mailchimp, Bloglovin‘, Feedly and the like. It’s KIND of like RSS translates information into a common web language, so that it can be plugged into all kinds of online platforms and reformatted to suit that platform.

Sites like Feedly and Bloglovin use your blog’s RSS feed to send your blog to readers who use their sites/apps to read all their favourite blogs in one place (instead of bookmarking them!) So RSS really is helpful, right? Here’s what MY Feedly account looks like today, chock full of good blogs waiting to be read! All in one spot! (there is an app so I can read it on my  phone too!)

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.19.51 PM

In the old days, everyone had an RSS button on their blog, and readers used to grab the RSS feed URL and put it into their favourite kind of blog reading site. But things have really evolved since then and we don’t really NEED those RSS buttons anymore. Blog reading platforms/sites/apps like Feedly & Bloglovin’ (let’s call them blog reading tools!) are automated now and you can just type in the blog’s USUAL address and the blog reader tool will find it automatically.

You sometimes DO need is to know the address of your RSS feed though. In case you want to use it to connect and distribute your blog via Mailchimp or other sites that are not quite as automatic.

If you are on WordPress yours will be something similar (http://yourblogaddress/feed) and if you are on blogger (

Click here to see how RSS turns my pretty blog into something really boring that other sites can easily read and format. (below)

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.09.50 PM

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