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If you’d like to get started making some cute graphics like the one above for your blog, head here to Canva to sign up for design fun!

Oh my gosh! You totally showed up! Gold star and an elephant stamp for you!  I built this whole Blog With Pip site all by myself, just for YOU! I hope you have fun finding your way around and meeting your classmates. We’re going to learn lots of stuff together.

Things you should do and know now that you are here:

Where to start? 
Start here!
Click the WEEK ONE tab to start the Week One lessons – then work your way through week-by-week. The course really is self-paced, so take your time!
Click the UNDER THE HOOD tab in the menu bar to learn how to set up your own blog, register a domain name and that kind of technical stuff.

Chatting and asking questions
Head to the forums to ask for help – or the Blog Yay Facebook group!

Assignments and feedback
There are optional assignments each week. These are not assessed but if you’d like feedback from your classmates post ten in the forums or in the Facebook group, if you prefer.

Course copyright
PLEASE don’t share your logins or my work (including screenshots or downloaded PDFs) with other people. Encourage them to sign up instead! Please honour the work I’ve put into this. Thanks for understanding.

If the site goes down, try again in a few minutes. If there are ongoing problems, let me know and I will rectify them. I’ll even move my server if need be. It’s hard to know what the load on the site will be like and how it will behave, so let me assure you I am committed to make it work for everyone.

If you forget how to login use the LOST PASSWORD link in the menu bar.

Make yourself at home!


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