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:: Weekend Project: My Pinky ‘Shaker’ Bench

August 1, 2014

chalk paint


Please note: This post is sponsored by Annie Sloan Unfolded

You might remember a little while ago that I announced my blog’s first proper sponsor. I’m working with Annie Sloan Unfolded, the clever people who distribute Chalk Paint™ in Australia. I was really excited to get my hands on some and have a bit of a play, especially when I found out you could mix your own colours! Cool!

I’d been coveting this Shaker style couch from Freedom for a while after seeing similar on Etsy and Pinterest. Luckily they’d marked it down from over $500 to $190. Unluckily by the time I’d decided to buy one they’d sold out online. Luckily they had three left at the Melbourne store near me. Unluckily when I rang to double check they’d sold those too. Luckily the man on the phone was really nice and he offered to sell me the display model. Unluckily it was a bit scratched and bumped up from all the instore love it had been getting. Luckily, I had paint to fix that!

I bought the yellow one at a further discounted price and it only had a few scratches and bumps on it. Here’s what happened next.

We mixed up the pink colour with some sample pots of the Chalk Paint™ Pure White and a fair slosh of the big can of Henrietta (a cool pink colour.) To be honest you could probably go the big pot of Pure White and then use the sample pots to add your sprinkle of pastel, if that’s what you are going for.

chalk paintchalk paintchalk paint

Things I found out:

:: It was really thick paint and needed a good stir because I mixed my own colour. That was easy enough, but I reckon a WHISK would be a cool idea. Whisk your paint, peeps!
:: Because the original colour of the bench was SUPER bright yellow, I thought it would need three or four coats of the pale pink, but it just needed two. Also, you don’t have to sand or anything like that with this paint. Just slap it on. (Watch Annie do that here, slap-it-on/Frenchy style – at the 2.05 minute mark!)
:: It didn’t smell paint-y and it dried quickly.
:: You can thin it out with water, if you want to. You can also soft wax your painted thing when it’s done, to create a nice gentle sheen and finish it off.
:: It is addictive. I immediately painted a chair and was eyeing off many other objects but decided to not paint the entire house pink.
:: It’s a good idea to pour your excess mixed colour into a jar and label it ‘PINK BENCH’ or some-such in case you bounce something off your newly painted item one day and need to touch it up.
:: Customising and repainting display stock furniture is a thrifty idea AND it gives you an original piece for your pad. Win!

I had a really fun time pulling this together. Not only did I get a piece of furniture I really liked, I got to invent my own colour and totally personalise it to suit me. It took hardly any time and it looks really smashing in my house, the perfect place to prop cute things or have a cup of tea.

If you’d like to try this paint you are (possibly) in luck!

Thanks to Annie Sloan Unfolded 20 lucky readers can each win 2 colours of Chalk Paint™ (one quart and one sample pot), one tin of clear wax, and Annie’s book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations too.  If you would like to win (and are an Australian resident), fill in this entry form:

How cute is my pinky bench?!

x Pip

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  • Reply Dawn January 27, 2015 at 10:00 PM

    My Mom (over in New York) has been obsessed with this paint for a few years now. I’m so happy they finally have it here in Australia so I can give it a try!

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