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A Week of Vintage Australiana – with Gemma Jones – Day 2

April 28, 2008
Baby Rest Your Head Here.
(Actually don’t, it’s a pin cushion)

Wow, this is one of the oldest surviving pieces of vintage Australiana domestic craft known! And it rests at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (I think this one is in the “art” section – hahaha)
Advance Australia
Come gentle babe and with thy smile
A woman’s direct pangs beguile
Come sweet infant come and crown
Her days with blessings yet unknown –
Born June AD 1833
It is a sweet commemorative cushion which makes MY little heart pang. This craft of pincushioning seems to have vanished – does anyone know of any contemporary pin cushioners? Thought not. Apparently it was customary to leave a pincushion like this on the doorstep at the birth of a child. My parents have a couple of heart shaped pincushions that departing soldiers gave their sweethearts with romantic messages of returning and missing and love. I wanna make one now! Any Brown Owls or Kuties with me?

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