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Wednesday Writing Group: Blog Post Brainstorm

April 28, 2015

Hey guys!

How are things going on your blog? I must admit I’m so busy at the moment, I’m only just squeezing in time for mine! Gah!

I thought that for this week’s Wednesday Writing Group we could do a bit of a group brainstorm and come up with a collection of ideas to blog about. This way, if you’re feeling a bit stuck at any point, you can pop back here and gather some inspiration.

My top tip for keeping you blog on track editorially it to take notes every day. Write down threads of conversation, ideas for series, take photos of anything that jogs your memory/piques your interest. If you’re reading things online that get you excited about writing – save those things for later by bookmarking them or cut and pasting the URL into a dedicated document where you can list similarly exciting things.

If you keep track of the good stuff as part of your daily creative practice, then you’ll find yourself stuck for ideas a whole lot less often.

Now. Let’s brainstorm. In the comments share as many blog post topics/ideas as you would like! (And may I say you are a total gift to your Blog Yay! compadres!)

x pip

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