What To Watch: Taste Of The Country

Taste of the Country

I’m off to judge The Royal Melbourne Show craft entries today (Oh.My.GOSH!), but I wanted to pop in with a cute Netflix recommendation.

Taste Of The Country : It’s a series about a (lovely) woman – Danielle French – and four daughters and their event venue/farm. I love seeing how they set up the events and all the hard work that goes on in the kitchen and behind the scenes.

If you want to watch something gentle and foodie and floral and kind, Taste Of The Country might be your thing?


It’s shot at South Pond Farms – and they have a great blog in case you want to dig deeper.

You will definitely love Danielle. She’s super endearing and I love watching her magic up the event flowers. I also love watching her resolve to stay calm under pressure, when events are looming. Plus there is heaps of lovely gardening. That is ace too.

Have a great weekend and be kind to all the peeps (even the grumpy sods!)

x Pip


  1. Thanks for the Netflix recommendation Pip! I checked it out and enjoyed the first episode 🙂

    I have also been enjoying watching the youtube episodes of Homestead Brooklyn – about a lovely lady in Brooklyn who grows an array of house plants in her apartment. Have you seen it? I thought it might be your kind of style! Here’s an episode I enjoyed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwkcYc9sgMU


    1. I watched that recently too! So leafy and lovely! xx

  2. That would be such an awesome, fun thing to do. I finally entered something into our local show this year for the first time in the 20 years we’ve been living rural. I’m super excited and a wee bit nervous. I always feel for the judges having to pick a winner. Thank you for the telly recommendation too. Sounds like my kind of show. xx

  3. Have a wonderful time judging all the beautiful crafts at the Melb show. Visiting with my mum and nana was one one of my favourite things to do. I still love seeing all the crafts, cakes, knitting and everything else. I have promised myself that I am going to go again this year and have a lovely cup of tea and some scones at the cwa stall. X

  4. That sounds right up my alley. Thanks Pip!

  5. How exciting & fun Pip! Do you walk around with a clip board? I bet you get to hang out with a bunch of super crafty ladies too. Enjoy your day & that show sounds exactly like something I’d like to watch. Thanks! X

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