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Ultra-great frock alert

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I found these ace dresses on Etsy and I like them a lot.

Really, nothing beats a dress in the look-put-together department, don’t you think? A nice dress means you just have to whack on some tights and cute shoes and you are good to go. (And undies, of course, if you so choose… I choose.)

These frocksΒ are by OffOn and are made in their studio in Lithuania. I’m definitely going to buy one in the very near future. I just have to decide which one is my fave (I am leaning toward PLAID… because Outlander) and find my measuring tape so that I can actually do up the buttons/zip when it gets here!

Perhaps you fancy an ultra great dress in your life, too?

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PS: They have jumpsuits and adorable ‘Mum and Daughter’ matchy-matchy frocks too!


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OffOn Plaid Dress on Etsy

  • Kate @ One Small Life
    June 4, 2016 at 11:56 AM

    Love. Want. etc.

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