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:: Two Really Important Things About Blogging

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There’s so much talk about how to be a great blogger. You can sign up to any number of classes or spend up on eBooks which promise success. Really though, I reckon there are two things you need to get sorted to have a successful blog. TWO THINGS that will ensure that your blog organically reaches the people it should.

Granted, I am not the kind of gal to monitor stats to closely (anymore)! My view on that is that you just need to get on with the blogging and being sincere, and the rest will follow. So with that no-stats-obsessed, non-commercially focused point of view, here’s how to keep your blog on track and grow your readership organically.

1. Your purpose
If you are clear on your blog’s purpose, what you want to achieve (or how you want to FEEL, even, about your blog) the rest will follow. Knowing the why of your blog, having a handle on the basic REASONS you are blogging is a HUGE step in the direction of consistency and natural motivation.

If you’re keeping your posts in line with your own mini-mission statement for you blog, then you’ll feel interested and passionate about writing for it, and your posts will show that too. Clarify your purpose, and write TO THAT PURPOSE and you’ll be halfway home. Passion, consistency and purpose combine their superpowers and readers will FEEL the integrity of your blog.

2. The quality of your work
The other thing you need to be sure of is that you are doing really good work on your blog. No point churning out posts that you’re not proud of, reduce your output, but post REALLY GOOD STUFF. Put your heart into it. Put yourself on the screen. Write to your one VERY FAVOURITE kind of reader and monitor the quality of your work closely. Be your own best critic.

Readers will not only return to blogs that maintain quality content over and over again, they’ll also grow to trust you AND want to share your work with other people. And so again, your readers grow.

Are you being mindful of these two VERY IMPORTANT cornerstones of blogging? What are your thoughts?

  • lisaberson
    December 5, 2014 at 8:24 AM

    Love this Pip, your advice always pops up at the right time x

  • little white dove
    December 5, 2014 at 1:54 AM

    Thanks Pip! I love how these two simple guides bring me back to the heart of why I blog and what I blog about… such good reminders and great tips x

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