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:: Tutorial: Larksfoot Crochet and a #larksfootalong

July 10, 2014

I really like to crochet. One of my favourite stitches is the Larksfoot stitch. It’s the one I use a lot and it’s pretty fast and easy to do which is a bonus, right?! I’ve made  a fresh new tutorial to show you how to Larksfoot a scarf. Follow along with the photos below and you’ll be Larskfooting in no time! We can make it a #larksfootalong !!

This is a cute variation that just has pops of colour. I call this version ARCADE stitch, but it’s basically the same as Larksfoot (you just use the colours and vary the rows a bit differently!)

To create this stitch you need to know how to:

Chain stitch
Treble Stitch
Long Treble Stitch (which is exactly the same as treble, but you just make a longer looser stitch) and
Double Crochet

All the terms used are AUSTRALIAN/UK crochet terms. The US terms are a bit different and US crocheters will need to convert the AU/UK terms to their own!

Find even more photos and Larksfoot instructions here to make things EVEN clearer!

Once you understand the pattern it’s SUPER easy! Here’s how to make a scarf… Let’s do it together! I’ve started already. Here’s how to do it! (Keep your eye on my Instagram for my progress with this!)

Would you like to #larksfootalong ?! Let me know if you do! Below is a different variation of the Larksfoot idea (via my project in Mollie Makes Crochet!) and a darker, blanket version of the pattern above.

x Pip


  • Reply Reannon March 30, 2016 at 4:03 PM

    Hi Pip. I’m planning on ordering some yarn from Bendigo Wollen for my birthday so I can make your Larksfoot blanket ( I actually am nowhere near finishing the blanket I have on the go but I can’t help thinking ahead). I just wanted to know if you could give me some sort of idea on how to work out how much yarn I need? Every single time I’ve made a balnket I always run out of a colour or two & then of course Spotlight no longer stock that colour- its a pain! So any advice on yarn amounts would be great! xx

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  • Reply Colleen Ensign June 28, 2015 at 5:09 AM

    Beautiful I love this stitch!

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