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Tock! Tick! Bon Chic!

Hello Peaches.

Guess what? My friends Michelle and Steve came back from Tokyo with a few little treats for me. So lucky, right?  The treats reminded me of the times, back in 2006 and 2007 when craft bloggers were some of the most prolific bloggers in Australia (there were hardly any food and fitness bloggers!) and how enamoured and influenced we all were with/by the Japanese craft aesthetic.

We’d all pore over Japanese craft books and scour eBay and Etsy for new titles to get us excited about life and making stuff.

This nostalgic mood led me to a little bit of InstaDigging and I am so glad it did because I found out about the amazing work of Matsuyama crafter, Bon-Chic.

She makes these incredible ‘apple’ and game themed watches. They’re crocheted and hand stitched and just incredibly gorgeous, aren’t they? I love that you can see the design process from sample to mastery via her Instagram feed. And look at that beautiful packaging!

What a total delight, right?!

Run! Run! Follow Bon-Chic! Quick quick!! 🙂

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image credit: Bon-Chic on Instagram

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