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Look how great this is! Pippa from Ouch Flower has just started KNOT SCHOOL. You can not only get knotted with Pippa, you can learn to do macrame. Do you want to do it? I do.

Here is Lesson One.

I grew up with a house full of wood panelling, glass terrariums and macramed bits and bobs. There was lots of ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow’-s and ‘Lady Bump’-ing. And also things like Tarino and Opal Fruits. The idea of macrame-ing makes me sob in a nostalgic way. It makes me want to wear a smocked blouse and flares and some patent clogs and part my hair in the middle.

It’s okay. I’m not ACTUALLY going to catapult myself back to 1974, fashion-wise. Pippa has saved you from that. I think the knots will be enough to quell the vintage urges I’m battling. *whistles “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow…”*

If you’d like to see even more of Pippa (in a creatively revealing way) head to Kirsty’s Creative Space Tour of Pippa’s place. It’s on JustB.

Now, where did I put my ropey stuff?

x Pip

(Once I randomly met Pippa in Saver’s at Frankston. We did not know each other, but we KNEW each other, if that makes any sense! Β She was buying glass vessels and I was buying teak vessels. We gathered our vessels together in a Frankston-y way. Nice!)

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