The Tip-Top Pip Posts of 2016

I’m generally not one to do these kinds of ‘popular posts’ type round-ups, but I thought I would give it a whirl this year, for the sake of revisiting the things I’ve most enjoyed writing – and for the sake of revisiting the things people have most enjoyed reading/using!

So let’s see what came up trumps..!

(Hint – lots of woolly things and kind-hearted stuff.)

Tip-Top Pip Posts of 2016

1. How to crochet a Zali ZigZag Blanket


2. 10 Ways to Help a Friend When They Are Sad or Struggling


3. 24 Non-crap Things to Say to the Sad Person in Your Life


4. How to Crochet a Hexagon


5. Get Fluffy! Sometimes Pompoms Are Just Next Level

amazing pompoms by trikotri

6. How To Crochet a Larksfoot Blanket


7. How To Use A Clover Pompom Maker


8. How to Make a Ripple Blanket


9. How to Crochet a Harlequin Blanket


10. How to Crochet Oblong Story Blanket



Every time a year draws to a close, I think to myself ‘I’m REALLY, TRULY going to work hard on my blog and make it something super-special next year…!’

And then I just carry on as usual once January rolls around!

Maybe 2017 is the year that I DO INDEED transform my blog into something (even more) MAGNIFICENT!

Watch this space!! (NB: maybe nothing will happen…!)

pip signature

Also: I just launched a fun new eCourse – Taking Stock! People are snapping up seats already, which is ace! More info here. We begin towards the end of January!


  1. Please, please, just carry on as usual in 2017! Your usual is completely magnificent and always a highlight lovely lady.
    Happy New Year ahead xx??xx

  2. I love that you did one of these posts – you should be super proud of all your hard work this year! Every-time I read your blog I get the urge to rocket launch myself to spotlight. And “woolly things and ind hearted stuff” could totes be your new slogan! Have a great new year Pip, looking forward to more woolly posts and craft-speration. xx

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