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Tidying Up Your Writing

January 24, 2016

Here’s some things to watch out for:

Spelling and grammatical errors
It doesn’t have to be impeccable, but do make sure your run a spellcheck and proof read your work before you publish it. You can google to check any grammatical queries or look here to double-check. Good grammar and spelling gives your writing more authority.

Try not to use the same word over and over – use a thesaurus if you need help!
Try not to repeat the same point over and over – cover it succinctly and well and then move on.

Too many words
Trying to be literary can lead to getting a bit OTT and flowery with your language. YOU might enjoy reading that but readers will find it a bit wanky.

Crappy flow and crappy structure
Try to link each paragraph to the next somehow, so the story can leap and bound from section to section. A common word or idea can provide a bridge between paragraphs. Read it out loud to check the relationship between paras and to see how it flows for the reader.

Weak arguments
Back up any statements you make with facts. Do your research and link to the sources that confirm or enhance your ideas.

Weak ideas
If you are writing a blog post about ‘Why beige is better than taupe’, you might want to rethink it. Make sure you start with something you really care about – not something beige (unless you love beige!)

Extra help
You can cut and paste your text into After The Deadline to check spelling, style and grammar. That can be helpful!

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