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Just dropping by to say I’m knee-deep in chapters for the new book… And it’s coming along great guns. Nothing better then working through the Summer holidays, right?! But really. I am feeling pretty lucky that I am able to write this book. It’s all coming together nicely. I think you will really like the projects I’m making. I think you will!

I’ll be posting the next lesson in Crochet School later today, for those of you that are playing! We’re up to ‘Round 2’! It’s not too late to join us, either?! It might be later tonight, as the videos take time to upload to Vimeo (around 20 mins for each 2 minute video!) so that slows things down a bit! Hang in there, hookers! I’m coming!

Also, in other news, our giveaway closes at midnight tonight! So click the tab up there if you’d like me to write for YOUR blog!

Right now, I’ve got a bit of a virus. I’m feeling a bit ooogy. You know. Tired and emotional. Maybe Cam will get up and make me tea and toast? He did that yesterday. And coffee too! How nice! Merci Cam!

I’ve just discovered NME Radio on Itunes. It’s ace. Go to Itunes, then ‘radio’ then ‘alternative’ and scroll down to NME, if that sounds like your sort of thing. You might like it too!

I’m currently reading Nigel Slater’s ‘Toast’. I’m finding it pretty dark, actually. I think I have a pretty low tolerance for sad stuff. And there’s quite a bit of harsh angsty stuff going on so far. I’m loving the FOOD side of his book. But I’m having to take it in small doses because it’s a bit heartbreaking in parts. Have you read it? Hmmm. I think I’m just missing Gerald Durrell….

I’ve been watching Flight of The Conchords while I make my granny squares, although last night I re-watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ which was fun. Anne Hathaway is so gorgeous, I think.

Okey dokes. Watcha-all-up-to out there?!

xx Pip

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