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This Ace Artist Knits Famous People & Pets Into Jumpers & Things

October 28, 2016
Amimono Horinouchi Knits

Artist Amimono Horinouchi may be trained as a graphic designer, but it was when he took up knitting, just a few short years ago, that he really hit his stride.

The Tokyo-based designer makes these amazing jumpers, vests and accessories using a home knitting machine and they are not only gorgeous to look at, they are jam-packed with pop-culture chortles, too.

Horinouchi knits his idols, but he’ll also knit your favourite people and pets. Head to his Etsy store to organise that or have a wide-eyed click about his website. There’s lots more ace work over there.

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Amimono Horinouchi Devo sweater Amimono Horinouchi Debbie Harry Sweater Amimono Horinouchi Kraftwerk Sweater Amimono Horinouchi Peewee Herman Tote Amimono Horinouchi Wednesday AdamsAmimono Horinouchi Cat jumper


Found via Dangerous Minds.Thank you so much for the tip!


Amimono Horinouchi Ramones Vest


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